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    Hi and thank you awiouy,

    The only difference with mine is that I use "/storage/Sync" rather than "/var/media/Extra". It's important to put in "/var/media" ?

    But systemd says it failed :

    1. ● storage-sync.mount - cifs mount script
    2.    Loaded: error (Reason: Invalid argument)
    3.    Active: inactive (dead)
    4.     Where: /storage/SyncThing
    5.      What: //

    Try this

    Ok, I have some issue but I don't know where =)
    How I can test to mount manually with ssh ?

    1. LibreELEC:~ # mount -t cifs /storage/Sync -o nolock
    2. mount: mounting on /storage/Sync failed: Invalid argument

    Hi everybody,

    SyncThing on Libreelec seems to me a good idea ! My media center (Raspberry Pi2) is is often doing nothing, it is a pity to waste all this power :blush:

    But, is it possible using it with a SMB access path (smb://...) ?
    What is the good practice when you don't have any local storage ?