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    Thank you so much guys i finaly fixed it. Here is how I did it:
    - I downloaded the and extracted it.
    - Then I used the sd card maker and selected the uboot from the mx2-boot-recovery
    - Then after making the sd card I copied all the files from mx2-boot-recovery to the sd card
    - I used the toothpick method to boot my box into recovery, once in recovery you can flash anything you like :)


    I have a HD12 V2.22 motherboard. I was running Codesnakes LE7 version, but I tried to update using the tar file.
    Problem is that I got the message during the UPDATING IN PROGRESS:


    stat: can't stat '/flash/dev/mtd4':No such file or directory

    Now I want to flash the box using the toothpick method, but I can't get into the recovery. It's now hanging at the LibreELEC splash. Can you help me fix the box? I want to enjoy your great work :)