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    I want to sell my complete Cubox i4-pro system.

    - Cubox i4-pro black
    - D-Link DUB-H4 USB-HUB (cutie little black usb-hub with same design as the cubox)
    - Powersupply EU 5V 3000mA
    - 8GB microSDCard

    If someone is interested please pm. Of course I can send pictures!

    For some days now I've updated my cubox4pro to LE 8.01. No soundprobs und no crashes anymore! :D

    But there are some videofiles stuttering. The sound works fine but the video is like a slideshow.
    The cpu load is very low while playback. about 5-15%.
    Here are some infos about one file that are stuttering

    My first idea was the video codec h264 but other files which uses this codec works like charm. Also with HD content. Also liveTV which also uses h264 (SD & HD) runs fine.
    I disbled the subtitles but no changes.

    With OE 6.0.3 the files work fine.

    I hope for ideas.


    Hi Guys

    I've a cubox-i4 pro and try to switch to libreelec. I used the LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator to download and write LE 8.0 to a sdcard.
    My cubox is able to boot from it and at first everything looks fine. But after a few tests I recogniced two problems.

    The first one is that I have to wait about 2 minutes until the soundcard work. Until the soundcard is working I'm also unable to start a video.
    My cubox is connected via hdmi to my tv.

    The second one is that there are sporadically reboots. Sometimes after a few seconds and sometimes after hours.

    With my old OE 6.0.3 there are no reboots and no soundproblems.

    I hope someone can help me to fix it.