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    I can't really follow, does it works at 4.8 regardless if with or without media_build ? If yes then it is likely a usb problem (maybe something different) and has nothing to do with the dvb drivers. Of course it opens a gigantic field of possibilities ;D I try to find something suspicious. Btw I try to do you a 4.10 build maybe it is already fixed there and we can backport it.

    It worked without media_build. I haven't repeated the recording playback test after getting the media_build version.

    I'll try to test the 4.10 build in the evening. I hope I find the time to do it today.

    Thank you.

    I can confirm that the 4.8.13 kernel removes all the problems I was having with the last couple of LibreELEC pre-releases and with the final release.

    I did notice something after the final upgrade (to the release) that makes me wonder if the problem with the latest kernel is rooted just in the USB subsystem:
    I had a repeatable occurrence of green blocking on the bottom part of the video also during a playback of a 1080p recording from the SD card (it was not stored on a USB disk).
    Since the RPi has tvheadend with two DVB-C adapters running in the background it could still be related to the USB - perhaps a EPG scan was running.

    If this was not a very unfortunate coincidence - and I am unable to repeat the display corruption with the same file on the 4.8.13 kernel - than it might be that the green artefacts are being caused by a combination of more than one factor, or that it is not really a USB subsystem related problem, but something related to the accelerated video playback or DVB subsystem.

    -- Regards, Matej.