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    Yes, you will need to do a new installation via the toothpick method. My method was I used a Linux VM to format my SD card as EXT3 with a label of LIBREELEC_DISK. I then copied the files from the new install ZIP file to it and used the toothpick method to install. I left the SD card in to boot, it boots up LibreELEC and Kodi as expected, but this is the SD card version and not the internal memory version. Enable SSH and connect to it, then run the tune2fs command specified in the first post. Power down the MX2, remove the SD card, then power on again and it should boot up normally.

    I tried looking for a reliable tool to format an SD card to EXT3 via Windows 7+ but could not find one so a Linux VM (with Ubuntu) was easier.

    So to summarize:

    1. Use a tool (or Linux VM) to format an SD Card using EXT3 and label it LIBREELEC_DISK
    2. Copy files from new install ZIP to SD Card
    3. Install using toothpick method
    4. Leave SD Card in and let Kodi start
    5. Enable SSH, connect from a computer, run tune2fs command
    6. Shut down MX2, remove SD card, power on again

    For a version that old I would recommend a fresh new installation. The difficulty comes in the fact that after it installs it will look for an EXT3 formatted disk labeled LIBREELEC_DISK like mentioned above. I ended up using a Linux virtual machine to format an SD card with that label and copied the files from the ZIP file and then ran the command he listed via SSH. You could also just run it from the SD card directly.

    8.0.0 works well and I figured out my menu item issue. I needed to restart/shutdown using the menu option and not the power button on the remote.

    I still have the issue where I'll get "Connection timed out" immediately after trying to open my network share. It happens until I reboot and I just have to keep rebooting until it works (but it will stay working until the next reboot). I'm connecting to a hidden SSID with WPA2/AES if that helps any. The share is a Windows share. I have no idea what's causing that, but it's been happening since the Codesnake OpenELEC 5.x builds.

    First of all, thanks so much for these builds as it's great to finally upgrade to Kodi 17 on my Matricom MX2. It actually runs pretty well, I've only had a few issues experienced so far. I don't know how many of these were fixed in the final 8.0.0 build as I don't have another LibreELEC device.

    Device: Matricom MX2

    Installation Method:
    Previously had Codesnake 6.0.3 OpenELEC build
    Did data wipe through Android recovery (toothpick method)
    Installed this build via recovery (toothpick method)

    Issues noticed:
    On reboot, main menu item appearance settings do not stick (i.e. if I hid Favorites or Movies for example, rebooting the device they will still appear)
    Sometimes on reboot, I am unable to access any network shares (error is Connection Timed Out) without first deleting the connection, rebooting, and re-entering my WiFi information (I am using a hidden SSID network if that helps)
    1080p interface is much choppier than 720p (this just may be the device being old and slow, but just in case)

    If more information would be helpful or you want me to test anything additional, let me know I'd be happy to help. Also, if any help is needed doing the builds, I could assist on that end as well, just let me know how best to do it and where to pull the source from. I did some previous builds from source on my own for Codesnake's OpenELEC 5.95.x series before he started doing them for 6.0.x series.

    Thanks again!