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    Multiboot you have now been activated. Try to write the image to a USB flash drive and run from it (activate multiboot NO longer need, You already have it enabled).

    Yet I have no options. If You are familiar with Linux, you can run Armbian and there to run all the tests to find a working configuration. Then it can be transferred to the LE.

    Unfortunately Im not quite that familiar with Linux, probably the limit of my help is flashing my second usb drive with test images to check if they work or not. I dont drasticaly need bluetooth or wifi so Im pretty happy with the current image as it all runs great.


    Try image labeling M8S. There are changes for WiFi and BT. Not the fact that will work, but there is a chance.

    Had a go, boots ok, Wireless doesnt even appear as an option to turn on in Librelec settings, bluetooth also doesnt work if turned on, and wired network fails to obtain an ip from dhcp (due to the different lan chipset obviously)

    I put together a new version of the test image LAN1000 20170326. Please check this option on the subject of the work WiFi. In the coming days, I hope to get another test image for Minix.

    Loaded up on a new usb drive, no wifi, no bluetooth, otherwise seems to run great. This one shows my CPU id and temp correctly which I dont get on the 170301

    Edit: Temp now shows but as 0' where previously it had no reading. This is running much smoother for me, but that might be the different flash drive..

    Getting fail trying to boot on sd card formatted fat32 and win32disk imager. when booting through SD it goes to recovery and says failed to mount/open cache. (invalid argument)
    failed to open or mount recovery/last_install and recovery/log?

    yeah I havnt been able to boot any Libreelec with Kodi17 on it from SDcard since they started being made. Have to use a USB flash drive, and even then I have one that works, and one that doesnt.

    S812H processor
    ANDROID 4.4 Link to latest official firmware: Official X8-H PLUS 011 firmware (20170119) | MINIX Forum - Official

    Mine is same device as above, latest firmware etc. Wifi worked ok on the arm version in the LAN1000 folder, just doesnt work on any of the ones ive tried in the Krypton17 folder. Also could install the LAN1000 versions to SDCARD ok, but KRYPTON17 ones only work on USB.

    Dont know under what conditions / where im supposed to enter those commands to provide the output of, and wife is currently using the box to listen to her audio books so trying not to interfere right now :D

    Please to those who have not working WiFi and BT, check for the latest version of the image 20170226.

    Yup, just to clarify, my box is the Minix X8-H Plus, installed the full img from 25/2/17 onto usb, booted, then put the .tar from 26/2/17 into the update folder and rebooted.
    Update completed, no wifi on either version, appears no BT on either.

    Only boots on usb not sdcard, and only boots usb if no other usb devices plugged in which means I have to plug my remote in after it starts to boot (not a big deal).
    NextPVR plugin fails to load but I suspect thats an incompatibility with 17.1 RC

    Im not too worried however, I use the GigE anyway, and have no use for BT at this time. Prefered the SDcard over USB as it seems to run a little smoother but that may just be the old 4gb usb flash drive im using now vs the 8gb SDHC I was using. And NextPVR isnt a deal breaker as I dont use it very often (like record a show maybe one every few weeks, which the server runs off my main pc anyway so can just do it there if I was really worried)

    Attempted install to sdcard as per my previous version 7 install, but this one gave me the corrupt file system error on boot.
    Installed to a usb flash drive, then ran the .tar update. Only boots if I unplug all other usb devices (minix a2 remote) but can plug in as soon as I see the flash drive light up, works good, no wifi, no bt, nextpvr addon fails loading. Everything else so far good.