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    Thanks for the reply

    Then, if I build the new PC with the GTX 1050

    Will an old Radeon HD 7770 card work for now in my HTPC - with a display port / HDMI adapter to 4K OLED

    As is the GTX 1050 upscales to 4K, but I don't think the HD 7770 will?

    What would be the ideal graphics card for LibreELEC 10.0?

    I'm building a new desktop PC and was thinking of using the GTX 1050 that's presently in my LibreELEC HTPC (x86_64)

    This way I could buy a Radeon graphics card for my HTPC and be ready when LibreELEC 10.0 arrives

    Thanks for that

    I've got a fair bit of music as well as video, so I'll keep all the bigger video files on the HDD & the smaller music files on the SSD

    HTPC: LE 8.2.5 / intel i3-7100 / Gigabyte H270M-D3H / GTX1050 / STX Essence

    Do internal Ext 4 hard disk drives need to be defragmented or would keeping the drive under 80% full be enough?

    Ubuntu Linux has

    1. sudo e4defrag -c /path/to/myfiles

    HTPC: LE 8.2.5 / intel i3-7100 / Gigabyte H270M-D3H / GTX1050 / STX Essence

    I'm pretty sure that the sound & picture quality went off a bit after a few visitors stayed over a few months back, I think the monitor refresh rate & alsa audio device on boot went crackers about then too

    So it must have been something out of whack - that the "Hard Reset" sorted out

    those aktimate mini's fed by the stx essence should sound that good

    The NAS was streaming to the HTPC via ethernet cable: NAS↭switch↭access point↭router↭HTPC

    I know output should be identical with either a LAN connection, an internal HDD or a external HDD

    But the picture & especially the sound quality difference has been confirmed by 2 other people

    The reason all this happened is because I'm going away for a while, new hardware in my knees, and I definitely don't want others mucking around with my network servers, so the servers will be shutdown and all popular media in the household will be on the HTPC's internal HDD

    I hard reset LibreELEC

    Then before putting the HDD inside my HTPC, I formatted it to Ext 4 & loaded the media, all this was done with a QNAP server

    Previously, when booting up the HTPC:

    Settings / System / Display / Refresh Rate would often need attention as it would revert 30.00 instead of 59.94

    And Audio / Audio output device would revert to ALSA: HDA NVidia, HDMI #

    I always checked & corrected these on boot up

    It's now consistantly booting to 60.00 reflesh rate& ALSA: Xonar STX Multichannel

    Also indexing media went smoother & fanart, posters etc are different, but the main standout is the punch in the bass

    I put a spare WD red 4Tb Hard Drive formatted Ext 4 inside my HTPC and uploaded some videos & music to it

    Comparing NAS Stream to the internal HDD

    With the internal Hard Drive:

    Video appears better, eg: 4K has more clarity with better depth & slightly better colour & sharpness

    Sound in video is different, loud action noises, etc are clearer & louder, where as vocals are a bit subdued by this

    Audio is also better, HD music definitely has more punch in bass & high treble is slightly sharper and clearer

    NAS: OMV 3.0.99 wired / intel G3258 / Asus Z97K

    HTPC: LE 8.2.5 / intel i3-7100 / Gigabyte H270M-D3H

    GTX1050 to 4K OLED / STX Essence to Aktimate Mini

    Picture & Audio Fixed

    The Concord brand HDMI cables have rather large aluminium looking plug heads, I had 2 of these in the TV's HDMI 1&2 inputs which are very close together & they were squashed in fairly tight against each other,

    HDMI 1 : HTPC picture quality was down & audio was not synced ... but HDMI 2 : the Blu-ray player when I tested it out it had a weird overall strong purple/pinkish tint on startup, video playback etc?

    so I plugged the Blu-ray into HDMI 3 & all the problems have gone

    One more Question .. LibreELEC upscales my 720p & 1080p videos I backed up on the NAS, so if I installed a Blu-ray player in my HTPC would I get the same upscaling to 3840×2160 from my original blu-ray disks?

    The HDMI inputs 1&2 ( these are recommended for 4K ) on new TV are on LHS, so I moved my HTPC to that side temporarily as a 2 metre HDMI cable was longest I had.

    Today I bought a 3 metre 4K cable a $35 Concord brand from Jaycar & set it all up ... Whilst playing video the picture quality is quite noticably down ?

    Video motion was smooth but looked like 720p & when scanning or moving through my Kodi library sideways motion was juddery & not smooth

    LibreELEC settings showed 3840×2160 at 59.94hz - but TV info showed 3840×2160 at 30hz? and I couldn't find anyway in settings to change it

    So I reconnected the 2 metre cable again (stretched it to HDMI 4 after squeezing everything up) .. video smooth and sharp + TV info back to 3840×2160 at 60hz and all is good again

    I thought HDMI was good up to 5 metres ?

    Also to make matters worse I have some speaker issues .. the powered speaker is on the LHS, 1.5 metre RCA cables worked perfectly ..

    but 3 metre cable seem to give a slight lipsync problem which varies from very slight on lower grade video to very noticable on say 1080p etc

    The 1.5 metre cable would fit if I made the LHS powered speaker into a RHS speaker & and the RHS passive speaker as a LHS speaker .. then running sound card RHS RCA output to the powered (now RHS) speaker's input & visa-versa for the passive speaker

    Would this make for any problems ?? all powered speakers seem to be on the left hand side

    I just bought a Panasonic 4K OLED TV

    when I plugged in my HTPC to the TV, the only thing I changed was resolution from 1920×1080 to 3840×2160 at 59.9hz in LibreELEC settings

    All my 720p & 1080p videos appear to be upscaled to 2160p ?

    this really stood out with the 720p videos

    My video card temperature used to run at 27 - 34℃ it now goes somewhere from 36 - 52℃

    the CPU temp & useage is also up a little bit

    My old TV is a Panasonic Plasma 1080p

    My HTPC

    LibreELEC 8.2.1

    MB: Gigabyte H270M-D3H

    CPU: i3-7100

    Video Card: Asus GTX1050 2Gb Phoenix

    I've built a new PC to be my HTPC

    MB: Gigabyte H270M-D3H

    CPU: i3-7100

    reusing my Asus GTX1050 2Gb Phoenix

    Questions are about when installing LibreELEC

    1: As the O/S will be on a SSD would 250Gb be too big ? - I have a spare one

    2: If I install an extra internal drive as storage (it's been formatted EXT4) will it show up and be fully useable

    No reinstall yet, left things as is .. except all TV Shows are now properly indexed

    I changed Skin to Confluence to re-index .. for some unknown reason this always seems to do a better job of it?

    But: a quick look in Systems / Video

    GPU: GTX 1050/PCIe/SSE2

    OpenGL version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 384.59

    Obviously didn't look here before

    Besides the H.265 10 bit, very old TV Shows from 1950-80's are clearer .. less noise, artifacts or shimmer etc

    Now that you asked .. the "intel" in "10-bit HEVC support for recent Intel GPU generations"

    I might be barking up the wrong tree .. that doesn't refer to Nvidia

    I'll reinstall LibreELEC 8.0.1 and see if it's just the newer GTX 1050 video card that's done the vast improvement, I never though to test that out first as it was not supposed to have driver support .. the old video card might have been a bit :thumbdown: