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    Yes I surely can return the boxes but seems a real pain to return it : contact support, delay for shipping, ... (you know, as most of these chinese sellers). I will try to find a partial refund to prevent all of this. In fact I've bought this box to make a multimedia center (plug the audio out to play YouTube video clips on a audio system) for my parents so I surely think that they never need more than 1 GB, but it's just that they sell this as 3 GB box.

    But I prefer to install it on the NAND, it's not because of performance difference, it's because if there is a problem with the SD card it will boot on Android and it's difficult to explain them with distance how to boot on SD card (the toothpick method). LE on NAND seems the best KISS method. As they don't need Android (and I made a backup with TWRP) I don't think it's a great loss. It will just became a 32GB box with 31.5 GB free space :)

    If you still have Android on your box, you could download a test program such as AIDA64 from the play store and see what it tells you.

    Yes I still have Android on the devices (I've booted on LibreELEC with one SD card). I've installed AIDA64 but it displayed me also 3 GB.

    But I've also installed a memory filler/pumper and results are consistent with the RAM displayed on LibreELEC because on the one displayed 800 MB the app stops fill memory at about 2100-2200 MB, and on the one displayed 1700 MB the app stops at 1000-1100 MB.
    So I think that these 2 box are not really 3GB like kszaq suggests me since the beginning (but I would like to be sure and the memory tests confirm this suggestion).

    I think to install directly LE on the NAND because 1 GB RAM could be just with Android + Kodi and I bought these box for multimedia function.

    Anyway, thanks for your help to both of you.

    Hi kszaq I downloaded the 8.1.8 .gz file to create an image on my SD card with the LibreELEC.USB-SD.Creator.Win32 tool.

    I own a 3 GB RAM device (a docooler M9S-Pro) and I got the same result when I check it into the memory section into Android.

    When I let the original dtb of the .gz file and boot on LibreELEC "live" I've got only 806 MB memory. If I tried to replace the original dtb.img by the renamed gxl_p212_3g.dtb file the SD card doesn't boot (I'm stucked on the 905x logo).

    Have you any idea why I've got issues about memory space or any suggestion to check stuff about this issue ?


    Edit : I try my SD card on a totally new device (I just receive it) and as the "old" I can't success to launch it with the renamed 3g.dtb but I success with the original dtb. But surprisely this time LibreELEC displays 1791 MB.

    I think your Wifi adapter is no longer supported, did you try an older build?
    To dual boot with Windows, this guide might work for you.

    Thanks for your reply. So I have to buy an adaptator I guess.
    I retrieve a backup of drivers from manufacter, it's useless for LE isn't it ? Only for Windows ?

    I've not tried an older version, how could I know since version I which recognize my hardware for wireless ?


    Sorry for logs, I'm new with LE. So I send the 2 logs.
    I've tried to connect it to Internet with the Ethernet port and wired connexion seems to work.

    If necessary, I could try to make a partition of 2 Go into the 32 Go flash disk if for example you think that an installation on the disk could make a difference regarding the hardware detection (for example I active bluetooth but it writes me that BT is deactivated when I'm looking my BT controller/gamepad). But I don't know if it's possible to make a dual boot LE/W10 without installing a 3rd distribution like Ubuntu to have Grub (I don't want to brick my Z83 if after installing LE I can't access to a menu for booting)

    Hello, I'm trying to install LibreLEC on my Z83 which contains an Intel Atom x5-Z8350.
    Like it already contains a Windows partition into his flash memory, I've decided to install LibreELEC on a USB flash key (via another USB flash key for the installation).

    The issue is that I have no section for wireless configuration. Is it because I've intstalled LibreELEC on a USH flash key or because of non-support of the hardware (it's written Wifi AP6234 on the product page) ?

    I've send you screens to be sure that I'm looking into the right sections :