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    Picture quality seems to be ok on my 22 inch HD computer monitor. I haven't tried it on my 65 inch LED tv yet but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be at this point.

    No i have not, I do not know where to find those, but i will give it a try.

    UPDATE: Flashed latest nightly that you provided the link for, and upon trying local video file HDMI still drops out once the video starts. Audio works fine just no video.

    UPDATE: I disabled "allow hardware acceleration-PRIME" and everything is working now.

    I'm on the latest alpha build of libreelec, and have an issue with the video on my rock64 1GB board. I've just now started using this board, and I have found 2 issues. One is that when i start a video I lose hdmi output, the other is when i do have hdmi output the color is not correct. The interface works correctly, this only happens when i start a video. Has anyone else had this same issue and have you been able to get it corrected or should i go back to using my raspberry pi and find another use for the rock64.

    I'm using this usb tuner for OTA in the US, but have been unable to get local cable channels tuned in with TVheadend. Does anyone have any experience with this tuner or tuning cable channels in general. I trying to move away from my old setup(an old pc tower with a WinTv HVR-1600 running Windows 7 WMC and Plex Media Server to serve my smart TV's) to a smaller quieter setup like an ODROID or Raspberry Pi. But I'd really like to be able to record my analog cable channels which I am able to do with the 1600. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have tried number of different solutions so far and really like LibreELEC. Thanks.

    I did the same project a while back when i built my raspi NAS setup. I got help on the raspberry pi forum to get it working. I never did get it quite right though, i could turn the fan on and off, but it wouldn't work on temp control. I powered my fan from a usb plug and used the transister as a switch to ground. I also put a .5 amp fuse between the pi and the transister to protect my pi. My coding skills are less than minimal, but the raspbery pi forum is a great resource.

    #First thanks for your work, but i'm having some issues. First thing i ran into was the script was calling for xmltv.xml instead of settings.xml(i'm running latest libreelec build and TVH 4.2 on an old laptop). #But that was an easy fix, the problem i'm having now is that my EPG source isn't showing up when i try to assign it under the channels tab. Anyone else having this issue?

    Nevermind, my username was wrong, now it's working like it's supposed to. :shy: