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    I can see that you figured out sound and 4k patches.

    Yes! But there is still a problem: if I play a hardware decoded 4K video and the osd is visible, the picture starts flickering very much. But it only happens if also the tv resolution is set to 4K.

    For power off and suspend how this works depends partly on bootloader. You can try using this patch: at libreelec-7.0 · kszaq/ · GitHub Remember to change every "meson8b" to "meson8".

    I will figure that out.

    As for CEC, does it not work at all? You'll always see some write errors at the beginning as they appear during polling process. Afterwards they should disappear. If CEC does not work at all, make sure that it works in Android, you may have to use a different HDMI cable if it doesn't.

    It can also be that the cec implemenation from my tv is not working correct.

    I don't think I can accept your pull request as I don't have resources to build for S802 devices nor means to test the builds. You are very welcome to provide project-wide patches.

    I thought it is nice to have everything in one place. Something like a master branch. If I can support platform wide of course I would be happy to do.

    For Bluetooth you may try changing tty port to ttyS1 here: [email protected]#L3

    I tried but it didn't work. The bluetooth device in my box is not a broadcom device I think (but I am not sure). Don't know how to figure out what hardware it is. Even the guy who wrote this didn't know which bluetooth chip the S89 Vega Elite has. I have a similar device to S89 Vega Elite.

    It's running and it seems to be very fast and stable!

    Things that still have to get fixed (correct configured):

    - Bluetooth is not working
    - CEC is not working says dmesg (##### cec write error! #####)
    - Poweroff turns the device off and on again
    - Suspend mode performs a reboot after unsuspending

    PS: Pushed the code in my fork of kzsaq's LibreElec fork: GitHub - drieschel/ LibreELEC fork for Amlogic S802 devices

    kszaq are you interested in a pull request, when it's completely working?

    I have problems building the kernel. Don't know how to trace the problem back.

    The compiler says:

    Wow, seem to be a lot of changes and fixes!

    The next step for me is understanding the boot process. Your version differs from Codesnake's version. You are not using mkbootimg if I see it right. Can you explain me a bit how it works?

    Thanks kszaq!

    I already got the actual master branch from codesnake working on my device (Beelink S82/Orbsmart S82/Tronsmart S89 Vega Elite). What is the difference from your kernel to Codesnake's kernel?

    Kerber is a developer for some custom Amlogic builds, his Github account is here: surkovalex (Alexandr) · GitHub He has some good knowledge about Amlogic and also seems to have access to AML source code with Git history. He helped me in the past to make some things work for S805 boxes. I don't know if he's willing to join LE community, though.

    As for S812 boxes, if you have some knowledge on compiling OE/LE, you can grab my LE fork, modify options file to reflect your device and grab Kodi patches from WeTek Core project. Then compile and see if it works.

    kszaq I would like to do the same for S802 boxes what you did for S805 boxes. Could you help me a bit? I will fork your repo and try to rebuild it for S802 devices.

    Hi there,

    I own an Orbsmart S82, which is identically to Tronsmart Vega S89 or Beelink S82. I would like to bring Libreelec to it. But I don't have much experience in building device projects for OE/LE. But with some help from the community (and some lessons in building a device project) I am sure that we could work that out. Is there some interest in supporting S802 devices? I would contribute it to LE if we get it to work.