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    Bought another S802 box, which will arrive on friday. So I can develop more for S802 devices *yippie*. And in the meantime I can use my WeTek Core in for watching.

    And I should buy a serial debug board for debugging at boot. :)

    Damn! The nand in my box seems to get destroyed. Tried almost all recovery methods, including the BootCardMaker method, and nothing worked. Maybe I need another u-boot.bin for recovering but I am not sure. Took the bootloader.img and renamed it to u-boot.bin. Maybe someone has another idea I could try ( kszaq ? ). Otherwise I need to get another S802 Box.

    I appended a photo with the errors.

    PS: Could it be a temperature problem? The box is getting very warm.

    Unfortunately I have no "O" key on my remote
    I use MXIII-2G TVBox, and ussualy I install firmwares for S82 (starting from OpenELEC 4).
    About stream quality: I have NAS and I stream video content from if via FTP, SMB and HTTP. These videos has a bitrate about 20-30Mbit/Sec and it plays fine, problem appears only in PVR client with 1-2 Mbit TV channels

    When my research is correct, the MXIII-2G is almost identical to the 16 GB version of the S82. To be honest, I don't know what the problem with the amcodec could be. I will rebuild the release with shared interrupts for mali enabled in the kernel and you can try if it solves the problem. Let you know when I uploaded it.

    Hello! First of all thank you for giving us Jarvis on S802 devices!

    Just a little bugreport Your build of LibreELEC (LibreELEC-S802.S82.arm-7.0-devel) works fine to me exept one thing: when I watching liveTV via PVR Simple Client (v 1.12.12) it works about 2-3 minutes and then starts to "buffering" every 15-20 secs.

    I noticed that if "amcodec" acceleration is turned off - problem not appears, so cause of problem is in amcodec

    Hi freeque (is this the french version of freak? :)),

    thanks for your post! Which S802 device do you own exactly?

    To your trouble: Can you enable the codecinfo (Codecinfo - Official Kodi Wiki) screen and check what happens with the buffer/cache before it starts "buffering"? Is it possible that the stream quality is lower when you watch without amcodec?

    Will give this ago at the weekend. Differences between them is AFAIK, one can duel boot and has more internal memory the other doesn't.

    I've booked marked the wiki page and I'm all set.


    Dual boot sounds good and the different nand size shouldn't be a problem. It should work if everything else is similar to T8. And if not, we can work on it.^^

    I made a build for T8. Do you know the main difference between T8 and T8-S? It is the nand size I guess.

    You can download the build here: Index of /LibreElec/T8 - There is no guarantee that it works and use it on your own risk.


    By that do you mean the internal SD as seen in ES File Explorer? As in the boxes internal memory?

    No! I mean that the bootloader from your android system, which is installed on the internal memory (nand), must be able to boot from a sd card or usb stick.

    Hi gazsheard,

    glad that you ask!


    Is your fork capable of this?

    Only S82/S89 is supported at the moment but I think that I can add your device. Maybe I need a some help, if it has different hardware (ie wifi) than the S82/89.


    Can this fork be installed onto the box rather than an SD card?

    It probably depends on the bootloader from your android if you can boot from sd or not.


    Could I have libreELEC and openELEC and the Android system all on the same box?

    If you have a libreElec version and an openElec version which boot from sd, yes!


    Apologys if fork is the wrong term for your build.

    Why should be fork the worng term?

    If my research is correct, it's a usb adapter, that uses the "fw-0a5c_21e8.hcd" firmware which is part of the "misc-firmware" package in LE. So this seems to be a chip without problems getting loaded automatically.

    What is with other people here who have integrated wifi/bt with bcm43362/bcm20710a1 or bcm4330/bcm40183b2 chip (ie brcmfmac_sdio-firmware-aml or brcmfmac_sdio-firmware-imx firmware)? Works bt out of the box?

    Is it a general problem from LE/OE that you have to switch bluetooth off and on after boot or am I the only one who had this problem?

    Hardware: Cortex A9 CPU, Mali450 GPU, AP6210 bt+wifi
    Version: LE7.0.* (Own build)

    PS: If you have the rights and you think the bug forum fits better for the topic, don't mind to move it.

    Is it possible to create a forum for the Amlogic S802 devices in the community section? I already have a great working build (thanks to kszaq and kerber for their help!) for S82. So people would find it better I think. Adding more S802 devices wouldn't be a problem.

    Here are the sources GitHub - drieschel/ LibreELEC fork for Amlogic S802 devices
    and here my last builds Index of /LibreElec

    Working in LE 7.0.2:
    - 3D mode auto switching
    - 4k resolutions
    - Bluetooth
    - Wifi
    - LAN

    Not Working yet:
    - Power off (is rebooting instead)
    - Some IRs doesn't seem to work correctly

    You may also want to try toggling rfkill before running firmware loader. This should be done by kernel module but who know, maybe it's not working for your device: brcmfmac_sdio/aml: No need to toggle rfkill as it's done by kernel mo… · kszaq/[email protected] · GitHub

    I almost got bluetooth working now. I only have to figure out how the template service can be enabled automatically for a specific controller, because actually I need to enable it by hand with systemctl enable [email protected]. Do you have a proposal?

    Is your bluetooth controller running directly after a reboot or do you have to disable and enable it?

    According to this wiki the bluetooth chip is the BCM20710. So the correct firmware should be the bcm20710a1.hcd which is already included in /lib/firmware/brcm/.

    There are imho (minimum) two possibilities why it's not working: The correct module in kernel is missing and/or the bluetooth service can't determine the correct firmware. I am not sure how to continue delimiting the problem.

    Edit: Here is my actual kernel config: linux.arm.conf

    Related to the suspend problem, I will try but I really don't like the include from "arch/arm/mach-meson8/include/mach/pm.h" into "arch/arm/plat-meson/power.c". I am big fan of more general solutions.^^

    Thanks for explanation. Now I understand what the problems are but I don't think that no support for some Amlogic chipsets will help to get rid of those problems.

    Hi Drieschel,
    I also have an orbsmart s82 and I'm interrested in getting an libreelec image for this device...

    Here you can download my version (based on kszaq's): - It should work on the 8GB version as well as on the 16GB version.

    Not working yet:
    - Bluetooth
    - Power off
    - Suspend works but the device restarts after unsuspending

    Basically I could solve the problem with the bluetooth module on tty. But it still can't find a bluetooth controller. I already used it in the past so I am sure there is one.^^

    Does someone have a some knowledge with u-boot? I am asking me how I can adjust it related to the reboot/suspend/power off behaviour? There must be another way to fix these problems instead of patching the kernel (I hope).

    The rest is running very fine! I am really impressed. I even got cpu temp readings working.

    Are there other S802 owners who want to use their device with LibreElec?