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    Before i hit the button and buy an RPi4 I wanted to check that Libreelec is fully working/supported? I will be looking for 4k HDR & Atmos support through audio passthrough but at the moment i also need to transcode HD Audio codecs to Dolby Digital


    I often come home from work and find my Libreelec box has turned on my tv, this has only started happening since I got a new tv and I believe it’s something to do with CEC. Is there any way to retain the functionality of my tv remote controlling Libreelec which I love but switching off CEC to stop it powering up the tv? This does not happen all the time but does say once or twice a week.

    Hi Folks,

    Jut trying this now to a SDCard. It boots up fine and runs through the partitioning etc, then says its rebooting.... But after the reboot I get the LibreElec Splash screen for a few seconds then a black screen for about 30s then it reboots.

    I have the S905x 2Gb DTB image - should I try the 1gb or NAND versions?


    I cant get the correct time to display in Openelec...... I have input a time server and rebooted but it's still out by 1 hr (I'm in the UK an we are now on daylight saving time so are sitting at GMT+1 at the moment but Openelec is displaying GMT). Any assistance would be great!

    I have a QBox from entertainmentbox and dual boot LibreElec - Found it slower (slightly) when using USB sticks but bought a microSD card and its as good as running from the internal flash. Pop out the card and it will boot into Android, install Terminal Emulator app, type
    reboot update

    And it will boot back into LibreElec

    3D itself is dying flame. More and more TV manufacturers are not putting 3D functionality into new TVs anymore.

    I know - but I quite like it and there are a lot of 3d films available that play fine on my Plasma

    Is there any hope of getting 3d to work? Seems its about the only thing missing - unless it works on Jarvis?

    Loving lebreelec - I now get 24p switching and all the hd audio formats work perfect! Only thing is I feel it's slightly slower than my android version when running. Thumbnails of movies take a bit longer to appear, little things like that. I'm wondering if this is a result of dual booting from USB key, it's an old key, would a new key be faster? My box is only USB 2.0 - now that I have confirmed that everything is good should I just go ahead and install it over my android on the box and run from there? If I do that how do I go back to android? Is there a way to back up the full android version so I can go back(in layman terms as I'm still very new to this....) how do I do updates in libreelc as well, at the moment I can just copy new versions to the USB bey and boot but if I install this to the onboard flash drive how do I then do updates?
    Sorry for all thbut questions!