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    Hi all,
    Thanks for all the helpful tips and advice I've found here. I am relatively new to kodi having been introduced to it a few mths ago.
    My first box, an Android MXQPro S905 1G 8G was a learning experience. I am a windows guy and found Android a little baffling and cumbersome.
    A few weeks later I purchased an R-box Android S912 3G 16G which seemed to run smoother than my MXQ.
    Setup my own build .. a wide learning curve but satisfying. Wanting to learn more and hating having to deal with Android, I came across LibreElec.
    I decided to setup the MXQ for Mum and Dad as a Local Media Library.
    With the information I found here, I managed to install LibreElec on the MXQpro box. Awesome !!! Love it

    After seeing what LibreElec is like, I regret my purchase of the S912 running Android.
    I use my box to stream movies and have an extensive Library of 1000+ movies
    My Question is .. what TV box would You recommend in order to run LE?

    Thanks in Advance

    It means that I hardly have enough time to support S805 and S905. You have to remember that I have a family and a day job. ;)

    How dare you have a day job lol
    I've used your instructions to update my S905 .. Thank You ,, works a treat.
    I've got an S912 to do also, If and when You decide to do this, I will once again be in your debt.
    Thanks for the hard work