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    I'm using ASUS RT-AC68U with the latest official firmware.

    Yes, I tried to set SMB1 in Kodi SMB client settings but it didn't help me. It still wants me to enter the password over and over again.

    When I go back to 8.0.2 everything works again.

    Try set both to "None" should work

    Or try AEL (Advanced Emulator Launcher)Tested or Rpi and works good and you can add any games to your skin anywhere,favourites etc..Still needs retroarch to launch games and exits Kodi with every game change...If you want to stay on retroarch without having to go back to AEL to change game you can scrape assets from retroarch itself and build game librarys and playlists but those wont show up in kodi..

    Never tried Rom Collection browser but I assume it's setup similar to Advanced Emulator Launcher

    When in first run setup

    1) choose weather you want to scrape online or have assets locally

    2) choose platform (let's say you'r setting up nes roms)

    3)Path to nes emulator - browse to /storage/.kodi/addons/game.retroarch/

    4)Emulator parameters would be the coreID,launcherID,RomID ...I use fceumm "%rom%" for nes

    5) path to nes is path to your roms folder

    6)file mask is your roms extension ..for nes would be nes,zip

    7)nes artwork just browse to your assets folder where you have your artwork or where you want the scraped artwork to be saved..

    That should be it..

    Looks like a network issue...did you try to plug your rpi network cable directly in your main router or even change the cable..

    Even try to check your network settings on Libreelec settings addon...check dns1/dns2 and so on..

    Try to avoid unnecessary addons and create your own playlist with radio channel links

    Try to load this small playlist from file manager and see they play ,,,just rename .txt to .m3u radio.txt

    So I was trying PVR Simple Client and encountered a strange's even occuring with Tv headened Client streams...When I start playback minimized picture is turning black and get a "no signal" msg from's only occuring with 1080 streams....the rest work fine and can see the stream on PVR menu window...When the screen is black and I press stop on my remote it returns back to PVR so Kodi is not freezed...

    If I untick the start playback minimized and streams start on full screen it all works perfectly...

    I m using RPI2 with latest LE 8.2.1



    I have RPi3 and LibreElec installed. How do I add either VLC or MXPlayer as a default player for kodi?

    MxPlayer might be a no go...that's an android apk as far as I can tell...VLC is not gonna work directly with Libreelec but there is a kind of a workaround to make it work via docker (not tested)...that means no HW accelaration..

    You don't really need any other players on LE as available players work fine...why would you need VLC on LE?

    I have installed this on my RPI3 after having used your standalone addon which I was very happy with.

    Now I use Emulation Station but for some games (Lion King on the SNES for example) the screen just turns black and goes back to the ES screen. I can only get it working by going via Retroarch and loading it through that. Strangely ES works fine for (most ) other games.

    If they work in RA but not in ES try to unzip the roms...for some reason some zipped roms don't work in ES or try to setup AEL...I never used ES again since setting up AEL...but never uninstalled it...ES is pointing to same assets as AEL so you don't have to keep 2 copies of artwork,it's easier to have roms within Kodi UI..

    I'll try this.

    What I mean is that you might be able to change some behaviour in the way your connected devices communicate....At the moment you are trying to switch off the TV by suspending Kodi when you can do it the other way round...when you switch off the Tv it will suspend Kodi/or turn off kodi/or just pause or stop any media playing and other connected's all in peripheral settings