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    What scraper are you using? If you r using The TVDB go here and match your titles TVDB

    Regarding Professor Green it's never going to work like have to put folders the way they are in the scraper

    It is in the folder of BBC Documentaries

    So it goes like this :

    Every slash is a folder

    TV/BBC Documentaries (1936)/Season 2015/BBC.Documentaries.S2015E246.mkv

    TV/BBC Documentaries (1936)/Season 2017/BBC.Documentaries.S2017E189.mkv

    TV/BBC Documentaries (1936)/Season 2016/BBC.Documentaries.S2016E31.mkv

    TV/BBC Documentaries (1936)/Season 2017/BBC.Documentaries.S2017E202.mkv

    I should have explained why I said that. If your storage is on an SD card constantly updating a log file can shorten the life of the card, though I guess just the one file a few times a day won't have much impact. Mine is stored on a RAID array on a server so it isn't an issue for me.

    No, no resistance. I connected the fan to +5v and the collector, emitter to GND, GPIO pin to base. (I think that's right, got it the wrong way round when I first typed it.)

    Ok got you...don't think logging would be an issue tough...I can send logs to connected hdd so shouldnt be a problem...log only contains 16 lines after 8 hours..

    Thanks a lot for your help Gary...didn't think it was going to be this easy to be honest as the scripts I found online weren't for LE and I m useless to edit coding....

    Now waiting for some bits trough the post to complete the the meantime the script is running without the fan..I ll let you know when fan is up and running...

    Thanks again

    Yeah, that's OK. The Pi doesn't have a battery backed clock, until it connects to an NTP server across the network it reports the time/date from when it was compiled. Subsequent entries should have the correct time provided your clock is eventually getting set.

    Yeah I see what you mean...playing with temp limits to see how it works log.txt

    Gary I m not sure what you mean by this (I have my /storage on NFS, if you have it on an SD card you won't want the logging.)

    Is it the logs from script you mean,,the one I just showed you..?

    Did you use a resistance?

    Ok think I got the script working...still don't have transistor to try tough...

    Something very strange is happening tough..on fan logs the date is saying May 26 log.txt

    Fri May 26 21:26:24 2017 :- Initializing.

    Fri May 26 21:26:24 2017 :- Temp=59.5C. Switching fan On.

    Fri May 26 21:26:24 2017 :- Initializing.

    Fri May 26 21:26:24 2017 :- Temp=57.3C. Switching fan On.

    So if my script is in storage/fan folder run-fan.service should look like this run-fan.service (2).txt and here remains the same ExecStart=/usr/bin/python?

    I used an S8050 transistor, I think a relay would draw too much current.

    Yes, I used the Raspberry Pi Tools addon for the GPIO library.
    I've added the Python script I use, feel free to use as-is, or just as a pointer. I run it using systemd, but you could just execute it at startup.
    (I have my /storage on NFS, if you have it on an SD card you won't want the logging.)

    So I have to create a folder in it Fan or scripts...put the python script in it...removing .txt and then create another script in systemd to run it?Do I have to put anything in the raspberry pi tools addon folder or is that just a library for the script to work?

    Will something like this work in ?

    1. python /storage/scripts/ &

    What have you added to systemd to run it?I pnly used systemd to mount network hdd's normally...

    Thanks again...looks like I m getting somewhere..

    I've done what I think you're after, I found my Pi 3 was overheating when playing HD content. It switches the fan on when the temperature goes above 55C and then switches it off again when it drops below 45C. (Having it switch on and off at the same temperature will make it switch too quickly.)
    What part are you having trouble with, how to actually control the fan, or how to do it in LibreElec?

    Hi GaryB...that is exactly what I m planning to do...did you use a transistor or a relay?I think the electronic part would be easy enough for me to set up and seen lots of guides around how to connect from gpio to transistor or relay and 5 volts headers..I m stuck how to control the fan from script...have no idea what to do...did you use the raspberry pi tools addon?

    Thanks for your replys...I installed the raspberry pi tools addon and I can build a simple circuit from fan to transistor to raspberry pi gpio for control and power from power source or raspberry pi itself 5 v pins...

    Been in the addon 3 folders I assume I have to put the script of these...Gpiozero,picamera and rPi...This is where it s getting complicated and not sure where I m starting from...Been using Kodi for few years now but when it comes to this kind of scripts I m hopeless...

    It's really more of a fun thing I m trying then that I really need a fan

    Thanks for any more help..

    HI..been looking for some info and giving up now...I m trying to get a fan to work with my raspberry pi..with some kind of control when rpi reaches let s say 50 degrees fan goes on...below 50 goes off..I understand that there has to be a small circuit and transistor to gpio pin...I m more stuck at the scripts bit and if there is a way to make them work with libreelec from something like raspberry pi tools addon...Hopefully someone who got it working can share some knowledge..and some easy steps....I found few howto's online but none point to libreelec..

    Thanks for any help