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    I'm pretty sure this is a bug in Libreelec 8. I've been having it since its alpha and beta versions. Posted it many times in forums, to no avail. I'm running it in an Asrock ION 330 HTPC, which worked fine with version 7. In fact, it still does! Every now and then, when a new version 8 release comes through I try it again to see if it's been fixed, but… not this time (just tried 8.2.2). I've tested it in wired and wireless connections, again, to no avail. It drops after a certain amount of packets come through. It's not really a time thing, but a qty thing. Proof of that is that the same happens downloading addons, and the connection doesn't drop unless you start streaming or downloading something.

    I've been experiencing this bug with all Krypton alphas and betas, and both 8.0.0 and 8.0.1. The wireless connection drops after a few minutes of use (sometimes seconds!). From then via SSH and SMB are inaccessible too. The only way to get it back up is to reboot. I don't have that problem with Jarvis (7.0.3). In the alpha and beta versions I vaguely remember seeing an RPC Binding Error on the screen when loading up.


    I've had the same experience on the alphas and all 3 betas: wifi drops after about 1-3 minutes of streaming video. Works fine on LibreELEC Jarvis.

    This is the hardware: ION 3D Series - ASRock Inc.

    • Intel® Atom™ D525 Dual Core Processor
    • Mobile Intel® ICH8M chipset
    • 2GB DDR2 800MHz
    • NVIDIA® GT218-ION Graphics, NVIDIA® 3DTV Play Capable
    • 7.1 CH HD Audio with DTS
    • Supports ASRock XFast USB, XFast LAN Technologies

    Logs attached below: