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    Quoting from K's first post on this thread:
    "after reproducing your issue, go to \\LibreELEC\Logfiles shared folder and grab zipped logs from there"

    As helpful as, I'm sure, that was supposed to be, I don't see any directory called LibreELEC\Logfiles from WinSCP, which is why I asked in the first place.
    What am I missing here?
    No doubt I'm half asleep, so where do I find said \\LibreELEC\Logfiles shared folder

    Can you reboot the box, grab log and post it here please?

    Yep, Where will I get log from buddy?

    BTW this problem is definately due to 2 devices with the same MAC address.
    If I put an early version onto one of the boxes (pre then things work fine, but then the device with the early version also has an early version of kodi and a random MAC address each boot

    EDIT: I presume you will want the log from the device running ?

    Poida I have seen the same on the V3_1 board I have. I have plans to look at it later, now I'm busy trying to make my first S905 build boot.

    It turns out that this is quite a major issue. Your attention to it would be greatly appreciated. Even assigning the devices different static addresses results in me not being able to use both boxes simultaneously.

    Is there maybe a script I can run, to change / spoof the MAC address of one of the boxes?
    I also begin to wonder if the problem is confined to v3_1 boards. Can anyone confirm that they have purchased multiple boxes of the same motherboard version and have different MAC addresses assigned to each, with these builds?

    Incidentally, the Wifi cards are not recognised with these boards (doesn't bother me, but was one of my attempts to get a unique MAC address)

    @kszaq I've run into a little problem with these builds and the MAC address of the devices.

    All OE builds before change MAC address every reboot and all others OE / LE are giving me the same MAC address (00:01:23:CD:EE:AF) for two different devices. In android the two different devices correctly show different MAC addresses.
    I have tried all the different MXQ builds using the update files and the install (zip) method with the same result.
    For now, to avoid IP clashes on my LAN, I am assigning static IP's to these devices but, wonder if it will lead to issues down the track.

    This is only an issue with the 3_1 type boards, I also have a 2.0 board which shows a different MAC address to the others, as it should

    Has anyone else reported anything similar?

    Thanks for the swift reply kszaq. I'm trying avoid suspend / shutdown to work around the issue of not being able to turn the box back on remotely.
    Pretty annoying, the first MXQ I set up was a v2.0 and everything worked, the next two that turned up were 3_1 boards

    kszaq The build is working great here. Thanks for your impressive work

    Would you, or anyone else here, happen to know what command is suitable for use in a script to disable HDMI output?
    I recently lumbered myself with a couple of the 3_1 boards, and was hoping I could write a script that would enable me to disable HDMI on screensaver / idle like exists for the rasPi. Coupled with rebooting the box as the TV comes on, the wife will never know that it's not turning on and off

    edit: I forgot to mention that the TV, although not CEC, will detect no signal and switch off (if we fall asleep during a movie for example)