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    Does the LED switch at all for you with the most recent build?

    It actually does work correctly. The LED is blue when on and dim red in standby / off.
    The problem is that, since I cannot put the box into standby or off due to being unable to wake via remote from either condition, effectively, the blue light is permenantly showing.

    I can work around the fresh start I prefer by causing a Reboot in place of the On function.
    The only slight irritation is that the bright blue LED is always on.
    I was kinda hoping to discover there is a way to manually manipulate the LED, or have it permenantly show very dim red in place of the bright blue before resorting to phsically covering it.


    BUG: I've noticed that local vid files are being buffered which I'm sure never used to happen and I thought this might have helped minimise frame drops although the verdict is out on that.

    I've experienced that even with the earlier builds.

    Quote from and later

    . . . The problem is that after a pause when starting playback the first 10 to 15 seconds of the vid are skipped.

    I'm sure there's a kodi 'jump-back' addon that allows you to set how many seconds you skip backwards on resume play.
    If all else fails, maybe that might be of use?

    +1 for any possible patches to get the blue light to go out

    Can you test if this build reads a correct MAC for you

    Yep, reads the correct MAC address but still not able to wake up the box with the remote after poweroff / suspend.

    One down, one to go Thanks for rushing this through kszaq

    The not waking is easier to work around until you get time to take a closer look.

    kszaq thanks, this will be a great step forward for many, and I'm sure will avoid issues down the track.

    It just seems strange that, posts here suggest this is ONLY an issue for 3_1 boards yet, from what I read elsewhere, it is normal practice to look at efuse for the MAC address, at least with Amlogic boards. I wonder why the other revision boards are not affected?

    I have looked at patches used with other builds, but I'm sadly nowhere near competent enough to tackle this sort of stuff myself.

    Keep up the impressive work & thanks again for looking into this issue

    @kszaq Is there any way I can patch the box (using or SSH) with a pre-defined MAC - different to the existing generic one ?

    If so, would the MAC address be overwritten with future updates ? Shouldn't really matter, if it is possible, as the patch could always be reapplied

    I am currently using on one of the boxes and static IPs, but it looks dreadful each boot / reboot with text output spilling all over the boot screen which kinda feels like I've gone backwards here LOL

    Both the same as in my signature.

    OK so we have a date, 25/08/2015, but what motherboard version is that? V1.0? v2.0? v3_1? . . .

    . . . It looks like they have v2.0 motherboard which would explain why you are not seeing the v3_1 issues.
    Good news, I guess, as that seems to support the theory that this problem is confined to the v3_1 boxes

    Using a build low enough (pre- to avoid the generic 00:01:23:CD:EE:AF MAC address on one of the boxes, unfortunately, is not a practical workaround as these lower builds spill writing all over the screen each boot (probably a side effect of the new MAC address each boot)

    I am running two boxes and they have different MAC addresses. I can also stream to my second box while watching a different vid without problems.

    Are both boxes the same motherboard version? If so, which version.

    I too can confirm that the mac address is a generic one (00:01:23:cd:ee:af) on a v3_1 board

    For a lot of people, with only one box, that will be just fine. It seems to be causing issues if you have more than one on the same LAN (and even then, of course, only if they are both active at the same time)