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    MiniMX is not the Beelink.

    That's fine. The boxes are advertised as Beelink. If not, and they don't behave as they should. I'll return them

    You might want to pull that link out please. Forum rules.

    Thanks for pointing that out, done.

    That Fleabay listing is misleading. That is why i never use Fleabay.

    I always use ebay, gotta be the best buyer guarantee around. If it's misleading then back it goes!

    Good point, the chinese sellers always claim they are unable to print the return postage labels, but promise to refund postage once the goods are received by them.
    I personally have never agreed to this and ALWAYS demand that they supply return postage label - as per ebay policy - they refuse and are therefore in default.
    At that point request to return case is marked as complete and purchase price refunded. Usually takes about a week

    Yes, I'm using the image with a Beelink Mini MX III 2/16GB box via microSD card and for the most part it works very well.

    That's good news, does the led work correctly (and reboot / shutdown etc) ?


    I think the reset button is broken on this box as well.

    More people should consider returning the boxes that have non-funtional reset switches.
    Without the reset switch, if the box fails to boot properly, you have a major headache.
    If more people returned them, instead of 'making do' perhaps less dodgy sellers would be passing these rejects off as original

    Anyone purchasing from ebay (or using Paypal) will have no problem getting a full refund (especially those that live in Australia)
    Both ebay and Paypal have purchase guarantee, meaning any goods received that are not as adverised or faulty, entitle you to full refund including return postage.

    I have just returned two Nexbox A95s because the reset switches did not work. Full refund and, as seller refused to provide a return postage label, was not required to post the boxes back.

    I am now looking at the Mini MX 2GB ram /16GB rom boxes.
    Is anyone using these builds on a Mini MX 2/16GB - or do they only work with the 1/8GB ?

    How do you get twrp on the box and how do you copy the files with it? I thought twrp was an android recovery?

    Run it from SD card. Rename twrp recovery to recovery.img, place it in the root of your SD card and boot to recovery
    There are many builds of TWRP, make sure you get one confirmed working correctly with your device.

    Small update release:

    Are all the builds after supposed to switch video refresh rate to 24Hz ?

    The issues with corrupt playback after starting a movie (and skipping video after resume) for the first few seconds, completely disappears if I remove 24Hz refresh rate.

    I was just wondering why 24Hz is forced in the first place

    kszaq, I've just been playing with a couple of Nexbox A95 units and neither one will boot LE from SD.
    I'm not game enough to install to Nand without first checking from SD.

    I know there is an issue with the reset switches, so the toothpick method is not going to work but, they do not boot from the SD card even when I reboot to Recovery from Android (the first post suggests that they should). I've tried numerous makes / sizes / formats of SD card.
    These boxes also don't seem to recognise recovery.img on the SD card at all (eg can't boot into TWRP on SD card etc).

    Have you heard any other reports about these boxes ?

    If 24Hz playback worked properly, so it should be now.

    The same issue exists with the newest test builds.
    I think 24Hz refresh rate might be a problem for the TV that the v2.0 board is connected to.
    I have tried with the v2.0 connected to a different TV and, when it switches to 24Hz, that TV displays the video OK.

    Builds and below are not selecting 24Hz refresh rate for video playback and so the issue doesn't arise, regardless of which TV is connected

    Which builds do you use on these boards? Is it m201d for V3_1 and HD18Q for 2.0?

    I use the MXQ builds for all of them

    can you temporarily flash m201d to your 2.0 board and see if playback issues are gone?

    I'll give the other builds a try, but the MXQ build is the only build that controls the LED properly

    EDIT: Same issue with m201d and HD18Q builds but I did just notice that the HD18Q build is incorrectly switching the video playback to 24Hz. I'll just see if thats happening with all of the builds

    EDIT2: That's it! If I remove 24Hz from available refresh rates, playback is fine.