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    today I built the most actual version of tvheadend 4.3 - just changed PKG_VERSION in with 23754f9a63dad8540214d549b4baec2464e5d33a with PKG_SHA256 commented. Everything ok, but if I install it in LE10.0 it does not start and the service.log shows:

    /storage/.kodi/addons/service.tvheadend43/bin/tvheadend: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    Trying to --disable-libx265 did not help.

    Does anyone have an idea?

    edit: tested it on a x86_64 machine

    Thank you for the hint! Just checked my USB connector at the RPI and saw it was broken =O.

    Soldered a new one and until now there was no black screen - will continue testing and will check what changed in linux that may increase RPI current (peaks) :/


    yesterday I built an image for RPI4 from act. master on github.

    While booting or navigate in menus I saw sporadic "black screens" (also if watching video and fast-forward e.g. 4x) for ~ 2...3 seconds.

    Did some testing today and found that reverting this merge-request helps: linux (RPi): update to 5.10.46-69b899c #5475

    Checking the log while having this "black-screen" shows this message(s)


    2021-07-07 12:01:53.102 T:1178  WARNING <general>: OutputPicture - timeout waiting for buffer

    To be honest I think my knowledge of libreelec internals is too bad to create an useful issue.

    I do not know if the error is that the VDPAU is used (and not VAAPI), or if it is intended to use VDPAU and only my GPU is not recognized correctly, ...

    The only thing I know is (due to compiling different setups) that mesa 21.x uses VDPAU for my Kabini-GPU and at this configuration "No backend implementation could be loaded", while enabling amdgpu.cik_support brings back VAAPI ...

    At first Thank you for your support!

    I read some issues in mesa Gitlab and I think I will just keep reading...

    To be honest I do not know what I should write if I would open a new issue in mesa...

    There are already some fixes done - to test it I would add „master“ in packages/graphics/mesa/ but what to write to SHA256?

    You´re welcome!

    Output of vainfo:

    Output of vdpauinfo: