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    Just ran into the freeze at 93% disk creation problem on a new Acer Aspire laptop, and formatting the USB stick didn't help. So I used my partition manager (MiniTool Partition Wizard) to check the 8GB USB stick I was using (and had used with other transfers between Windows and Linux), and sure enough there were three partitions on it with the primary one being too small for the image.

    So I deleted the 3 partitions, created one big one, formatted it to FAT32, and the image was created with no issues. 8) (I checked it out, and Kiwi Tim's Sandisk SD Formatter does the same thing - restores full capacity.)

    I was a Microsoft Certified Professional back when I retired from IT in the days of Windows 2000, but even at age 76, I still like to play with technology, including Windows, Android and Linux. Since I started playing with Linux a couple of years ago, I have found spurious partitions being created on USB sticks - and the FAT32 formatted partition made unreadable - when I go back to my Windows 10 laptop from my Intel NUC-based dual-boot Linux Mint/LibreElec HTPC.

    Windows on my laptop finds read errors and asks to fix the USB stick, but all it does is fix the format on the small primary partition, leaving most of the space on the stick unusable. Probably confusing for non-techies, but an unfortunate incompatibility issue that can pop up when taking a USB device back-and-forth between different operating systems.