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    Let's start from scratch.

    You want to use the remote as you want the function of power on/power off. I'm not an expert but I am not too sure these boxes can be powered on/off via remote. Normally a power recycle is needed.

    To assist: Please provide a full debug log as explained in my signature and also the output of dmesg | paste

    Forget about power on/power off. I just want to be able to use the IR remote.

    Here are the logs: - kodi.log - dmesg output

    I am running Libreelec off an SD card on an AMLOGIC S905X - Branded as MAG410.

    I have great performance and CEC works well but I'd like to use the factory remote specifically because of poweroff-poweron.

    The problem is even using the android remote.conf the remote buttons don't work. I believe this may have something to do with the IR receiver not being detected.

    If I run from ssh I get the following error:

    # ir-keytable
    /sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory

    Any idea how I can debug this?

    Thank you for your remark. I am not one.

    I have not up to date Philips TV. But it works fine with other HDMI-CEC sources without any problem.

    Something changed in libCEC within 2 fresh releases.

    I suspect that this thread Wake from suspend (CEC) has connection with our problem.

    I tried the build made specially by vpeter but it did not solve my original problem. I will try the 8.2.1 version he just uploaded and see if it helps with the new issue.

    Have an Intel NUC with the exact same problem. Already had trouble before when using the suspend option instead of shutdown but now nothing works. I have a Samsung TV, what TV do you have?

    Ever since I updated to the official 8.2.1 my situation with CEC got worse, now, even when I shutdown my Librelec machine no command is sent to switch off my TV. Sad that this feature keeps getting progressively worse instead of better.

    What I mean is that you might be able to change some behaviour in the way your connected devices communicate....At the moment you are trying to switch off the TV by suspending Kodi when you can do it the other way round...when you switch off the Tv it will suspend Kodi/or turn off kodi/or just pause or stop any media playing and other connected's all in peripheral settings

    Well this would work, and right now i'm considering either this option or leaving the power option as shutdown since it works well. The "problem" is that I only use the IR MC remote of my NUC not of the TV so the power button turns off the NUC not the TV. The TV remote has lag when using CEC so it's "smoother" using the MC remote.

    I have noticed bizarre behavior with my Intel NUC D54250WYK running LibreELEC (although the same behaviour occurred on OpenELEC)

    Basically, if Kodi is configured to suspend the system (rather than shutdown) when pressing the power button, the commands sent to CEC are not sent before the system is suspended but are actually sent after the system wakes from suspend. This is the way Kodi behaves when the power button is set to suspend:

    Kodi On --> Press Power --> System powers down, TV and receiver remain on --> Press power --> system powers on --> TV and receiver power off --> TV and receiver power back on immediately.

    If I can provide any logs to help debug this issue, please let me know how to enable the appropriate logging.