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    I immediately noticed it, while watching Scarface. The intro has red on black titles, a perfect edge case for poor chroma scaling.
    But it's not nearly as noticeable during regular film frames.

    kszaq Am I right in assuming that the fractional framerate adjustment only works when using HW decoder?

    HDR works. The only problem is, the box only outputs 8 bit color instead of the proper 10 bit.
    My TV (Sony Z9D) still goes into HDR mode and the PQ is mostly fine, but you can see banding in gradients.

    I discovered the display_bpp u-boot variable, which is now set to 24 (so 8 bit). Would changing that to 30 give me the 10 bits?
    I'm a little hesitant to try it out, since I don't want to brick my bootloader.

    I can also confirm the judder on 23.976hz material.

    Another issue is the fact that when playing back 1080p (and outputting 1080p), the output is 4:4:4, but the chroma upscaling is just simple nearest neighbor, which looks horrible.
    As a workaround I switched to software decoding, which uses ffmpeg to do the chroma scaling.

    EDIT: I'm on S905X (Beelink MXIII - II)