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    hi there,

    i got a Orbsmart S82 Box, i flashed the File from the 1. Post to be able to boot from SD Card. Worked fine.

    I also downloaded the Image file LibreELEC-S8X2.arm-8.2.2-S82.img.gz which maybe the rightone, if i choose in Android with a reboot to libreelec.apk the box reboots but the installation aborts with an issue that somethings is writeprotected etc etc. Can anybody help me with the box?

    Or do i have to flash LE like the first file? I want to boot LE from SD Card like all other boxes......


    i have the Mini M8S II Box and its running nice with libreelec. But since 2 month the remote controll sucks. ||

    With the lifehack (use your handy, choose the camera app, aim with the handy to the infrared thing of the remote control and push a button, you can see the remote is working or not!)

    the remote works very bad, one button better, another totally not :(

    I bought another remote control in ebay but it isnt working at all on my box. Is it possible to make/take a configuration file or something to bring the new Remote to work???

    i bought this one

    Remote for MXQ M8S T95N T95M Android Smart TV Box :cool:

    thanx for helping me :|8o

    Hi there,

    i have some strange problems with my LibreElec 8.0.0.e Kodi 17. The mainly part i use kodi, is to watch the nba games with the nba leage pass.
    With kodi 16.1 it works absolutely fine. But since i updated to 8.0.0e there a problems with the on demand streams. Because of living in germany i cannot watch always live :P :D so i watch mainly the next day on demand.

    The problem is, that the stream freezes and sometimes the sound don't stop, timecode is moving, so i have to stop the stream and start it again from the nba addon. This works, but i have to do it, maybe ten times or more, in a single game..... :dodgy: :s
    Can i do something to solve the problem or post anything that anyone may have a look at the problem???

    thx and greets

    I am talking about videos like this:

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    But its already an year old and I don't know whether its outdated.

    If id want work I would be a bit sad, since the idea of upgrading from Pi1 to Pi3 was a bit driven by this.
    I think I read last spring about Netflix and Amazon Prime running finally on the Pi via this Chromium DRM trick.

    If it will not work at all it is also not a total desaster since Kodi is running a lot smoother, although I don't know what comes from the new Pi and what from the new Kodi version.

    Hi there,

    i am using a android box with a S905X. Is it possible to get netflix working?? I searching a lot in the internet, but cannot find any solution that works. I have a UHD Account and it would be great , if netflix will be woking on kodi.