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    Ok, it's a good news then 👍 maybe you can try a previous build and see if it works.

    Seems that your box, Alfawise A95X R1, has a Rockchip RK3229 chipset, not an Amlogic. For this reason it doesn't work. Searching in the forum, they say your cpu is still not supported, I'm sorry. You can read this thread .

    Yes, it´s a one time command

    You can check all data stored in NVRAM with the command fw_printenv

    I finally made it! With a workaround. I installed LE 7 on another sdcard and run the command on there. On LE7 fw_setenv and fw_printenv work perfectly. Then I put my old sd with LE 8 back and everything works also on there. I read that fw_setenv is a tool to edit u-boot bootloader from userspace, for this reason now everything works also on LE8. Thank you for your help :)

    Runs from SD card.

    The command should work on both installations - it writes data into NVRAM - but I never will install on internal, makes no sense in my case

    Ok thank you, I really don't understand why it doesn't work for me too...maybe it's my sdcard that it's damaged. I'll try to make a fresh install on a different sd and see if that command works. So I guess that it's a one time command and you don't have to execute it at every boot, right?

    Dont´t know - there must be some trouble in Your installation

    I can set hdmi mode 720p60hz or 1080p60hz without any error message on all my amlogic boxes(3)

    running LE 8.2

    Thanks. I'm sure the installation is ok, I didn't do strange hacks, I just installed some addons.

    I tried my other box running Libreelec 7 on this old tv and everything works in the boot.

    You can try to set HDMI mode via SSH


    fw_setenv hdmimode 1080p60hz

    If Your TV only support 720p try fw_setenv hdmimode 720p60hz

    Thanks for answering. I tried your command but ends up with an error:

    LibreELECtommy:~ # fw_setenv hdmimode 720p60hz
    Cannot parse config file '/etc/fw_env.config': Invalid argument
    Error: environment not initialized

    Hello, I happily use Libreelec from some time, and now decided to buy another Amlogic tv box for my bedroom tv, an old Samsung Lcd 26''. I have a very little problem, but if I can solve it my installation would be perfect. When I turn on the tv box, the tv screen remains black and there's an error message: "Mode not supported" till it loads Kodi, then after it , it works perfectly. I don't see the X96 Mini splash screen and the Libreelec logo that load before Kodi. I checked on another newer tv and on that tv the boot is perfect, there are no errors. So maybe the problem is about the old tv resolution in boot sequence...

    I give some details:

    Tv Box X96 Mini 1 gb ram 8 gb

    Libreelec S905

    Tv Samsung LCD model LE26R51B A



    Thank you for reading.


    Hi, I own a Leelbox S1, and wanted to say thank you because everything works perfectly. With the android rom everything was laggy and internal wifi was very weak. Now with LibreElec everything is very smooth and I was able to use a usb wifi dongle and solved all my network problems too. I have a question: in the system info it shows total ram: 823 MB, instead of 1GB. Is the missing ram reserved for the GPU ? Is it possible to have full 1 GB available?
    Thank you.

    I post the hardware details of my tv box:

    CPU: S905X quad-core cortex-A53 frequency 2.0G GPU:Mali-450 5-Core GPU

    RAM: 1 GB

    ROM: 8 GB