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    I think I need some assistance as I cannot find what I am doing wrong.
    Trying to install Aeon Nox skin and get error did not install message. Looking at the logs it complains about MD5 checksum being wrong.
    Below are the steps:

    - new installation of latest image (B2 I think is called) on my Odroid-C2 device
    - used Libreelec tool to write the image to media
    - boots up fine
    - nothing else installed (no addons, etc) justpain vanilla image
    - trying to install Aeon Nox from Kodi repo gets the above described error
    - tried another skin (a random one) from the Kodi repo and same
    - tried another random skin and it started downloading
    - tried Aeon Nox and same issue

    Tried another image (jarvis) - the christmas one posted on the Odroid forums by wrtx (i think that is the name) - same issue

    Can not understand why.
    Maybe one of you have more info on this or can see what I am doing wrong?