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    Ok I think I got it, I'm on libreElec 8.2.3 so I guess I am getting the 8.2 branch which actually contains the system-tool in version 107. Any chances/plans of implementing also the 108 changes in the 8.2 branch?

    I am a bit lost here. When I install "system tools" I got the 107 version. This one does not have encfs.

    Is there a way to install the 108? I tries with update addon but stills stays on 107

    It seems that the give Ninja forum is gone. I can still see some contents trough the Google cache but I guess won't be forever.

    Would be possible to be in touch with the admins if would be possible to have an archive of it in case? I think that there is some important knowledge for the slice users there that should be preserved.

    I used tinyproxy in docker container for a while but it seems that the latest update probably broke something...

    I created a image with this dockerfile [really basic just for testing purposes]:

    1. FROM armhf/alpine:3.5
    2. MAINTAINER [email protected]
    3. RUN apk update && \
    4.     apk add --update tinyproxy

    Then buil the image:

    1. docker build -t tinyproxy .

    and running the container with :

    1. docker run -it tinyproxy ash

    Then when I am inside the container I try:

    # tinyproxy -d

    and I have the error message coming:
    Bus error

    As test I also tried with ubuntu image:

    1. FROM armhf/ubuntu:14.04
    2. MAINTAINER [email protected]
    3. RUN apt-get update && \
    4.     apt-get -y install tinyproxy

    and the inside the container [bash this time]

    1. [b]# tinyproxy -d[/b]
    2. [b]Segmentation fault[/b]

    Currently I am using the docker addon version8.1.114 and docker is

    1. # docker --version
    2. Docker version 1.13.1, build 1.13.1

    current libreelec version:

    1. LibreELEC (community) Version: 7.95.3

    I tried with different version of Am I missing something here ?

    Also got the same issue with my VPN [certificate expiring in 2040] . I asked them if they can provide a certificate that is a bit shorter.

    In meantime, is possible to switch temporarily to openssl ? How difficult for me would be to create a patched version that uses openssl instead of libresssl [considering that I have never built the libreelec but I know linux :P ]?