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    I tried micro sd , tried 3 different usb and tried both ports.
    Nothing it just boots into android.

    What am I doing wrong that it's not doing what I want it to do.
    Its getting annoying :(
    when you don't do anything at all does the reset button do something at all?
    Maybe my reset button doesn't work? I tried pressing it without anything it's not rebooting or doing anything at all.

    This is getting frustrating. I want to change from the OS cause the android 1 isnt working that well.
    * UPDATE *

    ADDED an ZIP File than used the update app and now it worked.

    Thanks for the help.
    Much appreciated.

    yeah did open the box and saw the reset button on the board.
    So I tried pressing the reset and put back on the power but nothing happens it just restarts into android ( sometimes it freezes at x96 )
    The gx1_p212 I change to dtb.img ( that's what I do right change the name from gx1_p212.dtb ) and than put it on the usb after I burned it to the usb.

    Will try another usb and see if that helps. ( any idea maybe on how long I should be holding the reset button ? )


    Can someone please help me on the steps how I can install libreelec on my X96 S905X ?
    I tried those steps but nothing worked and really want to intall this instead of the original android 6.0 on the box.
    I tried with usb nothing happens ( there is no reset button either )

    I'm sorry if I made a wrong thread but would really like the help.

    Thank you so much.