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    So I am trying to figure out if this can be done on my HTPC which is a Zotac MA320 (A4-5000)...right now running LibreElec (Milhouse)

    On my other box (which is Android OS), I have kodi installed and NoraGO which is an app for the iptv I subscribe to....

    I would like to use the app on the HTPC but it seems like the Android-x86 images do not work very well on it. Is there a way to incorporate the NoraGO (aka SOPlayer) into Libreelec? Or is there any solution out there that can do so "well" for my HTPC without the need to interact with the desktop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    I just tried upgrading to the #514 version from the official LibreElec 7.0. I cannot seem to get any sound in the new version. I tried searching but I do not see any answers. I am running a Zotac MA320 box with a Kabini A4-5000 CPU and the Radeon HD 8000 series graphics. Since it worked in v.7, I have to imagine it works in v.8 even if it is a test build.

    For now, I will downgrade to 7 until I can figure it out.

    Thanks in advance.