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    Hats off to the LE team for this awesome firmware. Since the first s805 units were introduced, many have struggled with compatibility issues, drivers, etc. This just works.

    My sticks are, according to the .dts, "m8b_m201_1G," "AMLOGIC,8726_M8B," one Tronsmart and the other MK808B Plus. Both run fine with the MXQ version.

    Wanted to ask if anyone had success with either 7x or 8x releases getting HDhomerun add-on to run? I've tried both, unsuccessfully. My HDHR3-US connects and plays perfectly with Silicon Dust's Android app (latest update only) on all our phones and tabs. With the other available ROMs on these sticks, though, live TV video plays ok as long as the stream doesn't exceed 720p. Higher inputs cause the video to freeze after 2 seconds, though audio continues normally. No setting change fixes it.

    In the latest 7x release, the add-on will start and present the Play button, but when pressed, gives an error and re-presents the buttons. In 8x, when Run is hit, the behavior is like the 'back' button was ticked. It never runs.

    Perhaps it will just take a little time for SDust to migrate whatever they did for the app over to the add-on. In that case, patience is our friend. But if anyone has it running, please post.

    Many thanks.