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    For easier debugging, support WiFi, I have collected new images Armnian (Ubuntu Mate). This system is NOT yet intended for full video playback. This way is convenient for debugging and testing of the various modules and settings. To use. To download an image, burn to media, you can activate the multi-boot. All operations in the same way as when using LE. Pay attention to one difference - to start, you must be sure to manually add the correct dtb file (dtb.img) to the root of the FAT partition (you can choose from existing files on the media in the directory dtb). For WiFi settings you need from the terminal to boot to the desired module. For example "sudo modrobe dhd". Details initial settings Armbian to run the system can be read on the forum Armbian (the principles are the same for all models s8xxx and s9xxx). That would make work wifi network, You can freely in the working system to change\add configuration files to add / change files, firmware, etc. once You get a working configuration, it will be possible to port it to LE and assemble a working image LE.


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    Is it technically possible to use Kszaq's 905 strategy of making builds that you burn and add the correct dtb to?

    I just used it on a few 905x devices and it's a very flexible approach.

    When you boot with the tooth pick it should boot up with the libreelec files on the usb, not from the recovery which you are doing. When you hold the tooth pick in keep holding it in while inserting power and keep holding till you see libreelec logo. If you dont see the logo and goes to the android recovery then something isnt right.

    All I get when toothpicking is the recovery screen. From there I try to do update from external but I keep getting a verification failed error.

    Are you saying toothpicking should boot me into LE? Why do I have 2 extra .md5 files after Rufus?

    I also tried doing the recovery file mentioned in the 7.0 FAQ. If I wanted to use twrp, what android directory do I copy what file to?

    My box is an MXQ m201_c the one with the transparent black case. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

    Update: By the way, I cannot tooth pick into recovery mode anymore.

    I tried what you said and it just keeps cycling back to the MXQ logo.

    Just to confirm, I checked the box in 64 and it said the board was an m201. It is clearly an MXQ but I am using the m210 file, is that correct?

    Dude, sent you some money for all the great work you do.

    Keep at it!
    I have experience with LE on several boxes but can't seem to get an MXQ m201_c with Android on it going.

    I downloaded the MXQ image, created USB with Rufus, and tooth picked into it. When I get to the recovery screen I select 'apply update from external' then udisk but don't see any files to select. I added a .zip file and tried again but then I get a signature verification failed error. I also tried creating the USB stick with Libreelec USB creator and Win32disk.

    By the way, I get more than 2 files after creating USB. I get the ones you list and 2 more of the same name but with a .md5

    What am I doing wrong?

    In my case an IPTV stream (Zattoo - h264 1024X576) will crash regularly after about 20 minutes. First there is a bit of buffering, then the picture freezes and sound continues and finally both sound and picture freeze. This freezing process all happens within a couple of seconds. The progress bar still shows the stream as 'playing' and it is possible to pause, rewind, etc. the stream.

    If I turn off hardware acceleration everything is fine and crashes don't happen.

    I had this issue with Stalker. Switched to Simple IPTV, all gone.

    If you still have Android installed, get the utility called 64 on google play. It lists all the hardware components.

    It doesn't list wifi chip but it my case I clued into the fact that it was a p212 board so I used the p212 dtb and voila.

    You can also open the box and look for the chip to identify it. You will also usually find the board model on the pcb.

    Do a search on both and you should get theninformation you need to find what your device is a clone of.

    Actually the power button is quite useless because it forces a whole reboot, at least on my device. Apparently suspend does not work. I am actually going to remove it from my harmony and leave the box on all the time.

    I also did the whole 2 remotes thing and edited the OPs original file to change the menu key to the context key, which was sorely missing. I very much prefer altering the file to learning codes, that way my Harmony is as stock as possible.

    Here is the code if you want it, power was NOT modified:

    Now that I have my remote situation perfectly setup, I need to tackle my last hurdle, the EPG.

    I am using Simple IPTV for an IPTV service that does not support Stalker. I read an article somewhere that discussed integrating the 2 to get EPG. It was something along the lines of making Stalker work as a local host for the channels and source for the EPG.

    Does anyone have any detailed information on how to make this work? I can't get the EPG to work in Simple IPTV and was told this is the only way.

    I checked for the file and it's not there so I went ahead and followed the instructions. Not easy but I am proud to say I did it!!!!!!!

    Now on to final configuration of the Harmony.
    I need my OEM remote remote.conf and I cant find one that works. Fortunately, the standard kszaq 905X build works perfectly out of the box. Where can I find that keymap and convert it into a remote.conf?

    Thanks, yet again!
    Can I abuse your patience once again?

    I created the file using nano but now I need to change its permissions to make it executable. Problem is, I don't see the hidden files when in ssh. I tried ls - a but no luck. Any tips?

    I'm a total newb.
    Just remembered it had a different name in windows. dir was .config.

    I hope you are enjoying my stream of consciousness posts.

    Sorry about all the trouble, I am exhausted. I fixed it and it's all good now.

    The reason I need this is I am trying to find the file to edit it. After all this work I still don't see it. Do you have any idea where it is?

    Thanks again.