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    Naah Android is completely gone, I completely trashed the box straight away lol

    Tried to install LibreElec from ZIP via TWRP and that did not go well.

    Had to make my own male to male USB cable to connect it to PC, then took some time to figure out how to short circuit it cause this doesn't have the button for it either...
    Then had to find a firmware that actually works for it to restore it to working order, managed to install A95X firmware on it and actually boot Android, then used the Update & Backup to get it to install LE properly finally, what a hassle!

    The whole Android felt like it does on those Chinese tablets too, awful and everything constantly throwing errors, crashing etc and everyone praised LE over Android so I switched over immediatly.

    Can't I just put the SPMC on the SD card like I can with LE to test it out, see how it runs and plays?
    EDIT: Oh it's an APK you install on the Android, I did try the Kodi on the Android but it felt really sluggish compared to LE atleast.
    Maybe I'll try putting Android on the SD card if I can and then try that SPMC out?

    And like I said, it shouldn't be a network issue cause my TV plays them just fine over the network but I hate the lack of proper library there.
    And I don't have a USB HDD right now to actually try it out, I can maybe fit one movie on the 64GB USB Stick I have to try it out later just incase.

    What the title says.

    Just got myself a S905X box (M96X) and after getting LibreELEC installed on it, I have tried to toy around a bit with multiple themes etc to make 4K HDR playback via SMB from my PC as smooth as possible but I still get the occasional judder and audio cutouts.

    Anyone got any experience on how to make it work any better? Or do I need to stick to crappy Media Server and just run it on my TV straight instead of using the Kodi for it? Am I just dreaming that it could play 4K HDR today?

    I currently run the 8.0 Beta on it.