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    Thanks Klojum and doug,

    I did what you said, REBOOTED, but the new skin does not show up in my settings. It only shows the default Confluence. Could you let me know what I did wrong from the screenshot below:

    I just figured out what I did wrong. I used TextEdit to edit the XML file, which in turn created a file that Kodi can’t read. So, I switched to Xcode for editing... and it worked like a charm. :-) Thank you guys.

    I just have one noob question. I'm using LibreELEC Kodi with the built in Confluence skin, but I'd like to modify the "home.xml" file. I’d like to replace the “Weather” menu item with a custom Menu using one of my favorites. I don’t want to use CCM because it has not been updated for a while.

    I'm able to get to the folder (usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.confluence/720p), and I'm able to modify the XML file, but I can't save it. It keeps giving me an error. Where do I go to give myself permission to modify these files? I'm on a Mac and I tried using Fetch, and using the built in finder "Connect to Server" function. I can access the folder both ways, but I can't modify any files in it. I tried the: ”mount /flash -o remount,rw” command, but that didn’t help. I modified samba.config and added myself writing permissions for the usr folder, but that just made the folder visible in the finder, not writable.

    I hope someone has an answer to my problem.

    I just got my Odroid C2 and loaded the unofficial LibreELEC on it. This is by far the BEST LibreELEC experience. I loaded it unto the EMMC... The OS loads within seconds. The navigation is very smooth, and it plays any file that I throw at it.

    I have Kodi running on a Raspbreey Pi 2, MXIII 4K, and my Apple TV... but this little Odroid is by far the best platform to run Kodi on (with LibreELEC of course).

    I really hope that the LibreELEC developers allocate some of their resources into making an official build of LE since the Odroid C2 user base is growing, and its by far the fastest platform to run LE on.