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    I wrote in the message thread-2156-post-38955.html#pid38955 about problems using an external USB DAC with my box Mini M8S II 2GB/16GB, which occurred going from Jarvis to Krypton.

    I'm now trying the optical output, still connected to the same external stereo dac; in this regard, I have searched, but without a clear answer:
    anyone knows which data stream can be managed from the the optical output of a box amlogic s905x? It can pass a 24bit 192kHz signal? Or only 16-bit?

    Thank you.

    Moving from Jarvis to Krypton (Mini M8S II 2GB / 16GB), also with 8.0.0d version, if I plug my USB asynchronous DAC, I hear loud noises (bangs) if I jump between chapters (or after fast-forward); This happens either by setting SPDIF or Analog. With Jarvis, no noise of this type.

    I tried the USB DAC because I don't know the output optical features.
    On the other hand, with the optical output - ALSA: AML-M8AUDIO (@: CARD = AMLM8AUDIO, DEV = 0), PCM - I don't hear the noise above, but I wonder, as my external DAC does not have an interface display for samplerates of input signals, if the 24bit/96khz signals are supported (I hope my 24bit tracks are not downsampled to 16bit).

    Installed on Mini M8S II 2GB / 16GB, it seems to work all that I need.

    I only don't understand that, playing music with full screen display visualization, the two black bars above and below, with time elapsed and left, the progress bar, the clock, remain always visible (with Jarvis, they automatically disappeared). By checking all the settings, I could not understand how to have a real full-screen visualization (however, the cover on the left side rightly disappears after a few seconds).
    Can someone gently explain how to watch a full-screen visualization without black bars???
    Thanks !!!