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    I've just got a nearly similar problem, but with a genuine DS3 Controller.
    Right now I'm playing with a DS4 Controller, but experiencing a heavy Input lag sometimes ( for instance in Snes9xnext playing Super Mario Land ) of sometimes several seconds.
    I tried to get a DS3 working without luck.
    Controller gets paired in Libreelec, but in retroarch it won't work.
    When connected via USB i get Controller 1356/616 not configured.
    Via BT i get 2578/1 not configured. Once it showed as Playstation 3 Controller connected, but I could not use any Button. Auto config all did not work, since no Button presses where detected, hence skipping every Button automatically.

    I recently got a problem when watching movies.
    Kodi allways crashes after roughly 1h.
    Im watching movies via NFS Share from my NAS.

    Log here:

    After creating an advancedsettings.xml with buffermode 1 it's gotten even worse.
    Crash after ~30minutes.

    Log here:

    Found this in the Log:

    The installed Versions are all 1.0.1

    I can install the Addon as Zip when i edit the addon.xml file with versions 1.0.1. But then it still wont work. ( wants to make an update or when u select a rom it tell unknown error )