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    problem is this:

    /sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory

    No devices found

    What means no ir-receiver is found. If it doesn't find a IR receiver I can't continue with the wiki-page. I already have all files cause I already did it for my Khadas VIM.

    Normally when a IR receiver is found the meson-ir module should be loaded.

    Probably it does have something to do with the kernel as Balbes150 doesn't get the IR working also on his S812 builds (although I don't know the current status of it).

    I tried my favorite ir-remote on the latest libreelec alpha 8.90.006 but it doens't work.

    When I ssh in the box and I run ir-keytable (after killing kodi and lircevent) I get htis message:

    LibreELEC-core:~ # ir-keytable

    /sys/class/rc/: No such file or directory

    No devices found

    So it doesn't find a IR-receiver. lsmod gives me this:

    LibreELEC-core:~ # lsmod

    Module Size Used by

    hci_uart 19283 1

    bluetooth 272799 2 hci_uart

    8021q 16235 0

    snd_usb_audio 98788 0

    snd_usbmidi_lib 16198 1 snd_usb_audio

    snd_hwdep 4673 1 snd_usb_audio

    snd_rawmidi 15409 1 snd_usbmidi_lib

    dhd 599647 0

    cfg80211 204326 1 dhd

    mali 161146 0

    dmesg | grep meson results in this:

    LibreELEC-core:~ # dmesg | grep meson

    [ [email protected]] mesonfb0(low) : 0x09100000 - 0x0d900000 ( 72 MiB)

    [ [email protected]] mesonfb1(low) : 0x0d900000 - 0x0da00000 ( 1 MiB)

    [ [email protected]] mesonstream0(low) : 0x0da00000 - 0x0fa00000 ( 32 MiB)

    [ [email protected]] meson_serial_console_setup

    [ [email protected]] meson_cs_dvfs_probe, table count:29, use_pwm:1, pwm controller:2

    [ [email protected]] [DVFS]aml_dvfs_register_driver, driver meson-cs-dvfs regist success, mask:1, source id:1

    [ [email protected]] don't find to display_size_default from mesonfb-dts

    [ [email protected]] meson-eth: probe of meson-eth failed with error -1

    [ [email protected]] input: aml_keypad as /devices/platform/meson-remote/input/input4

    [ [email protected]] enter meson_pm_init

    [ [email protected]] enter meson_pm_probe!

    [ [email protected]] meson_pm_probe done !

    [ [email protected]] meson_cpufreq: no voltage_control prop

    Somebody an idea?

    Don't bother, I just logged in with ssh and see nbd-client is there. So it should be possible to mount a dvd over the network. Now I have to check if confluence picks it up as a cd-rom. Maybe if I map the device to /dev/sr0.

    Possible this is already asked, but a search didn't find a result.

    Is it possible to set libreelec as a nbd-client to access a nbd server, so it is possible to acces a dvd-rom over the network. And if yes, can it be binded to the pop-up "play DVD" on the homescreen (I'm still on Confluence) as when you insert a dvd in a native dvd-rom? In general can you configure the "play DVD" pop-up?

    For me, travel nirvana is providing each of my kids with their own tablet loaded with movies and music..and headphones.

    That was my first idea to, but I just wondered if it was possible. Apparently nobody is interested in this. I would think hotels & other sectors use such technology for infotainment.


    I was wondering if there exist a application on linux or android to broadcast a video stream. I want to stream a .mkv file over the home network to different clients. So it acts like live tv.

    The reason is when we go on holiday with the van the kids can watch the same video, the video can then be started on the front seat and picked up by android tablets through wifi.

    Is something possible, I googled around but didn't find a decent result. Seems VLC can do it, but it's not so easy.

    I was already to sleep yesterday, so I didn't see your post. You have to put them all on the root of the sd-card and then do the toothpick method. If everything is alright you should see the picture of the droid with a spinning wheel in his body. If you are still on TWRP it will not work. Then you have to install the recovery.img first from TWRP (if I remember correctly) and then do the toothpick method again.

    If you are not sure you can do following command in a linux terminal: cat factory_update_param.aml

    It will show you the text inside of the file. With a little imagination, you can read what files the update needs and what it will do.

    You can do the same for the aml_autscript: cat aml_autoscript (make sure you cd to the folder where the files are located).

    No, I mean android.

    I don't have knowledge of a MXIIIplus, but does it have to be firmware from beelink. Why not try firmware from tronsmart?

    I have a Eny M8S and I flashed it with this 5.1 firmware from acemax: ACEMAX Products SW Downloading Center

    Worked like a charm, to be honest I never use android, but the box booted without complaint. After the flash, the toothpick method worked (no on and off bootsplash anymore) and I can boot from sd and usb.