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    Muggi, unfortunately Bluetooth seems not to be working. In LibreELEC settings addon, it says no bluetooth device found. I have the NUC7i3BNK

    Using the 'old' M2 ssd will probably work. Network settings are based on hardware, so that might give a hiccup at first.

    HEVC 10bit is not being supported yet, it is officially planned for Kodi Leia. There are a couple of "proof of concept" builds floating around though.

    All in all, Kaby Lake is still very new hardware, so 'YMMV' so to speak.

    Thanks a lot for the answer.

    HEVC 10 bit not yet supported: what about "standard" HEVC?

    The box should be shipped on Monday, will test how things work out. :)

    Thanks again.

    So HEVC is not supported yet, not only 10 bit.

    Thanks for the rest of the information, appreciated. :)


    I just ordered a NUC7I3BNK to replace my old Ivybridge NUC.

    Was wondering if LE 8.01 supports it, specifically:

    - wlan+bluetooth (Intel AC 8265)
    - CEC: didn't understand if it's just for power-on or it's a full implementation
    - hw decoding of HEVC (also 10 bit?)
    - audio: I read about fw issues regarding multichannel passthrough audio, but that's an Intel firmware issue.

    Regarding the migration, can I simply take my M2 SSD in old Ivybridge and install it on the new Kaby or should I reinstall LE?

    Thanks for any advice and keep up the great work, LE is a brilliant project. :)