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    I dont mean to hijack a thread at all but it seems like Milhouse might have an idea to solve this. (RPi3)I recently reflashed and switched from OE to LE then upgraded to MH Build #0508. I am running into an issue with my addons gui. When I open a video addon the screen is blank but I can still hear my navigation sounds when moving around. I can exit from the addon back to the main menu(all is fine again)and when i try to enter a different addon I get a glimpse of the home screen of the previous addon that i exited, then it goes blank again. Im not getting any errors so I didnt think posting a log would help.

    Found out switching from Estuary to any other skin somewhat helped with the issue. Mimic gets me into the addon, like youtube, I search for the video, results display, choose a video. When the video is done and it returns to the result menu it is blank and i have to go back and search again.