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    hmm goes wild and spams the log with errors, i guess that is the problem (deactivate/deinstall and test again)

    Hi CvH,

    thanks for your answer.
    Do you mean to reinstall TVHeadend Server/Client Plugins, or LibreElec?

    If I change the connection settings of the TVH-Client Plugin from to an extern Raspberry PI TVH Server on the network,
    Kodi is not crashing any more.

    Maybe this info helps to find the reason of the chrash.

    Hi all,
    I have a Problem with the alpha versions of LibreElec.

    Most every time the EPG is updating, Kodi crashes. (For example if LibreElec starts)
    My system is an Ashrock E350M with LibreElec 7.90.008
    TVHeadend-Server (4.1.2236) on the same system.
    TVHeadend Client (3.4.7) on the same System.

    If I change the Guide Setting 'Days to Display' Kodi chrashes immediately.
    I have tested Version 7.90.005 - 7.90.008

    I have attached the logfiles

    It seems the problem is the 2D hardware acceleration of the video driver. Since alpha 7 LibreElec uses Glamor. I downgraded to alpha 6 which still uses EXA and the tearing is gone. Alternatively it should be possible to change /etc/X11/xorg_radeon.conf to use EXA in alpha 7, but I have not tried that.

    Yes, that is the problem. I have change the configuration bak to EXA and the tearing is gone :-)
    I have an E350 with LibreElec 7.90.007

    Hi CvH, I have tried your "next try" , but it´s the same as with the previous images.
    Maby you can see some different in he logfiles.

    Ok, I have tested version 1.12, but it's still the same.

    Yea no real idea whats wrong - kernel thinks it is right - I do another try later

    I have taken a look into the system.log of OpenElec 6.03
    The difference is Port 0

    1. cxd2099: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
    2. Digital Devices PCIE bridge driver 0.9.15, Copyright (C) 2010-14 Digital Devices GmbH
    3. DDBridge driver detected: Digital Devices DVBCT V6.1 DVB adapter
    4. HW 0001000d REGMAP 00010004
    5. : Using 1 MSI interrupts
    6. Port 0 (TAB 1): DUAL DVB-C/T
    7. Port 1 (TAB 2): NO MODULE
    8. Port 2 (TAB 3): NO MODULE

    testimages at least the DDDVB drivers compile no idea if they work this time pls test
    dmesg atwoking/notworking state are welcome

    Thank you for the new testimage. I just tried it. The error message in the system.log is gone. But tvheadend can't detect any devices.
    There is /dev/ddbridge/card0, but no /dev/dvb
    I have attached the log files. Maybe it helps you to find the problem.


    Unfortunately the drivers do not load because of modversion 4.4.0-20 instead of needed 4.4.7.

    Hi CvH,
    I have a Cine CT V6.1 This card works very well with OpenElec 6.03. Now I want to switch to LibreElec 7.0
    But I have exact the same problem.

    1. dvb_core: version magic '4.4.0-20-generic SMP mod_unload modversions ' should be '4.4.7 SMP mod_unload '

    It would be great, if I could still use my Cine CT 6.1 card.