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    Expert Mode is on ;)
    I gave it a try and it seems the stuttering minimized.
    But there are still noticable stutters during camera panning.

    Here are my settings:

    Player Settings > Videos > Adjust display refresh rate "On start/stop"
    Sync playback to display "Off"
    Render method "Auto detect"
    Enable HQ scalers for scaling above "20%"
    Allow hardware acceleration VDPAU "Off"
    Allow hardware acceleration VAAPI "On"
    Use MPG-2 VAAPI | MPEG-4 VAAPI | VC-1 VAAPI "On"
    Prefer VAAPI render method "On"

    What about Deinterlacing (like VAAPI motion adapt, Bob, or Off) is there any good default selection ?

    Thnx! :)

    I'm using the NUC5PGYH since videos showed stutterng on FireTV and Rpi2 - especially 24p content.
    This worked out very well with OpenElec and Helix and Isengard 15.2 as well, I was fine with the playback of any content.
    I justed switched to LibreElec with Krypton Beta and since the whole settings stuff changed there is always stuttering when camera pans from top to bottom or left to right side.

    As I encountered issues with passthrough and matching content framerate to the display I'm really interested in anyones video settings :)
    I would like KODI to set my projector to the correct framerate like it was used to be.

    BTW: The overall performance of the 5PGYH is great, I installed a 128Gb SSD and 4Gb RAM. I'm using it in my Living Room connected to an AVR and a Sony Projector.