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    Please share the URL from "journalctl | paste" and "mount | paste" about 20-30 seconds after boot so we can see how the drives are being mounted and if the kerrnel logs any error messages. Ignore lrusak message - it was late when he replied and his eyeballs didn't make it past the /dev/loop0 device to where the real issue is :)

    That was it?? chewitt

    They were never in RAID, none of the 7 drives. It only happened when I used too many files and when I was already deleting a lot of files since then that is, but I have formatted each disk and it still is.

    I have a problem with disk space, displaying exactly. In Transmission, Rtorrent, and after SAMBA, it shows 0 (zero) free space. In Gparted and the Kodi file manager, it shows that there is some GB of free space available. I copied the contents of the disk and after that I formatted the disk and put the content back in and to no avail, I also did a clean LIBREELEC ( GENERIC version ) installation and the same problem. After the df -h command it shows that it is 100% taken, but you can see that there is 200 GB of free disk space, e.g. VIDEO 6

    I tested Transmision clean installation on every millhouse version and still only works on # 301

    On clean 9.1 I can not even install the repository from the THORADIA file

    GENERIC version

    Going back to 9.1 build #415. I observe that transmission is not working. Last working version is #301. Transmission version is 9.1.16. Should work or still not adapted to openssl new version?

    Exactly, he signs this question.

    I checked the latest version of Milhouse Leia build # 0422: Generic and still thoradia does not work, hence Transmission does not work. I checked this version of Milhouse Leia build # 0422: RPi / RPi2 for RPi 3 B + and Thoradia works with Transmission. I am still asking you to update libraries openssl .

    Thanks for the help

    Milhouse builds are early development builds

    You should be happy anything runs on them

    In Milhouse 302 this has been added to openssl: update to 1.1.1b - this may break some addons

    Is it possible to adapt transmisison and the rest of the Thoradia accessories to update for this change ??


    Transmission stopped working after MILHOUSE GENERIC Leia build # 0303 and Leia build # 0302. They operate on older people all the way up to number Leia build # 0301

    What can you do about it?

    Hi, I'm using Libreelec from today , I've been using Openelec. I have issue with one addons Transmission. It is working on official Libreelec but just for ver LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.0-Milhouse-20160421040821-#0420-gfee76be which is dated for 21st April. Could you help me to solve this issue. Regards