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    Trying to install on a MXQ S805. I first did the SD card boot to test it out and see if everything was working fine. Then I proceeded to attempt the NAND install. Afterwards it just permanently sits on the LibreElec splash (sat there for more than an hour). I am now reverting back to an Android install, but I would like to figure out why the SD works fine but NAND install will not complete. It is an all black MXQ box. I am wondering if this is an issue with aml_autoscript as the SD install provides this file (using the LibreElec-SD tool) but when I try to perform the NAND install I don't see an aml_autoscript as per the installation instructions. I attempted to use the aml_autoscript from the SD build for, but this left my device stuck on the boot splash.

    I also tried using the aml_autoscript from here: Index of /s805/utils/boot_from_sd_uenv/ upon testing it just boots to my Android installation and never actually begins the install process. At least the aml_autoscript from the SD build would start the install, just gets stuck on boot splash after install forever. (seemingly)

    EDIT: Also tried and which both have aml_autoscript included. Still getting sent thru regular boot. Is there ANYTHING other than the 3 files that should be present on my SD?