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    Thanks, this is the info I was looking for.

    I've posted the DTB to the H96 MAX thread:

    H96 MAX RK3399

    I've already added hdmi-sound, ir-int and ir-receiver nodes to the original Android DTB and I've also added a HDMI-CEC handle to the pinctrl-0 in HDMI and set audio-cards names.

    The IEP nodes seem to be there and the deinterlacing seems to work as you say (Kodi doesn't reflect it but it works). I'd swear that I've checked that before and the deinterlacing was not working but it definitely does now with official LE 8.90.012.

    Could someone from the devs confirm what is the current status of the deinterlacing support on RK3399? I have no deinterlacing options available on the H96 MAX but I've seen somewhere that it could be due to a bad device tree. Is it true? Is deinterlacing working on other RK3399 devices?


    I'm running LE on H96 MAX. For now forget about WiFi and BT support until the mainline kernel switch but apart from that it runs pretty well. You need to use the correct device tree. I've extracted the one from stock Android and customized it to get the HDMI audio in ALSA, HDMI-CEC and the IR receiver working. You can download it in the H96 MAX thread:

    H96 MAX RK3399

    The only thing I'm missing is deinterlace support. I'm not sure if it is related to the DTB or if it is a global RK3399 problem.

    I've extracted the DTB from latest H96 MAX Android 7.1.2 firmware and tried to use it with the current build for RockPro64. It boots fine and the ethernet works but there is no sound over HDMI.

    After playing with the DTB a bit I got the HDMI audio to work so the box is now at least usable for basic streaming over LAN.

    What works:

    - HDMI (both audio and video)

    - GPU and VPU acceleration
    - LAN

    - USB (both 2.0 and 3.0)

    What does NOT work:

    - WiFi and BT (possibly QCA9377 using SDIO)

    - IR

    - deinterlacing

    Ah, I thought it was 17.6. Then I'm afraid there is no build with 17.6 for MX2, sorry. You can try to connect the 17.3 to your SQL server as it should use the same database schema but if it doesn't work then you have to wait until you can update all of your devices to Kodi 18.

    The old 8726-MX based boxes (WeTek Play and MX2) are powerfull enough for the most use cases and with Kodi 18 they get the ability to use DRM and to play games but since the lack of upstream kernel support and the lack of H265 decoder they are slowly reaching the end of life. I'm planning to continue building LE 9.0 images for MX2 but once WeTek Play support is dropped from master it'll be over.

    In the meantime the shiny new Rockchip RK3399 based H96 Max box has just arrived. It should be a lot more powerfull than S912 and there are Mali libs available for its GPU so I'm looking forward to watch these getting improved LE support.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Just in case anyone is going to play with the new RetroPlayer feature, I'll post some MX2 specific experiences:

    First of all, yes it actually works and the MX2 hardware is powerful enough to handle emulation of most systems up to the Playstation (though not all PSX games are running at full speed).

    In order to achieve reasonable performance you need to disable the rewind support in the global games settings. Basically only 8-bit systems are fast enough even with the rewind support enabled.

    You need to pick the right emulator for every platform, preferably optimized for mobile devices (ARM).

    Here are the best cores to choose for playing on MX2:

    - Nintendo (8-bit): Since Nestopia is currently broken and only shows black screen, the best core is FCEUmm.

    - Super Nintendo (16-bit): SNES9x-2010

    - Sega Genesis (16-bit): Genplus

    - Playstation (32-bit): PCSX-reArmed (some games are slow)

    It is pretty cool to play e.g. Worms World Party (the PSX version) on MX2 in your living room! ;-)

    The backup seems to contain some device specific files and it is not meant to be used on another device. I'd try to open the backup file on PC and remove the .cache, .config and .ssh directories before trying to restore on another device. However I don't have a second device to try if it helps.

    How about the sound distortion problem on the device which works? Have you tried games?

    P.S. To restore the 2 boxes after the failed backup try to recreate the SD card from the provided empty image (storage.img.gz).


    good to know you've been able to recover your box. This build is tested for G18 and MX2. You haven't said what model do you have.

    The photo with the error is missing first line because of HDMI overscan on your TV. You should set your TV aspect ratio to Scan only, No scaling, Original or something like that (depends on the TV) so you can see the whole image and the error message itself. Actually it seems like you've done something wrong with the SD card. Was the card inserted in the box while you were trying to boot the LibreELEC?

    Btw. Good news everyone! I've just seen this commit in the repo: kodi: add hack to fix audio for WP1 · LibreELEC/[email protected] · GitHub

    If it finally resolves the audio problem I will release first alpha build with Kodi 18 in a couple of days!