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    I think the software-decoding issue also explains the performance issue of BD menus, since software-decoding is using too much CPU resource, not enough left for java runtime...

    I noticed my mac mini became very hot and its fan got very noisy after playing BD menus video for several minutes. Maybe like you said, the video was software decoded...

    Try to remove this zulu version (which is based on OpenJDK) and install with Oracle JRE.

    Compare if works better. I don't have much experience except that I see menus :-)

    I'm thinking to push the addon to official repo because now I have everything build from sources (except JDK/JRE).

    I reinstalled the Oracle JRE version and tested the save movie, no obvious difference, maybe a little improvement, like 10%?

    I just want to report two issues/bugs which exist in both OpenJDK and Oracle versions.

    1. When I play in Bluray-Menus mode, fast-forward and fast-backward button do not work(they can switch chapters in normal play mode)

    2. When I play in Bluray-Menus mode, switching subtitle functionality does not work. Everytime I changed a subtitle, it just fell back to the initial one.

    In normal play mode(not activating menus), these above issues do not exist.

    So I tried it on Wetek Play 1 and BD-J menus works. Just like on RPi.

    I installed your latest addon( and it worked, thanks for your hard work.

    But it seems the performance is not that good, sometimes when I clicked a menu button, I felt it was a little laggy and not very smooth.

    FYI, I run libreeclec 9.0.1 on my old Mac Mini (Late 2012) which has an Intel i7 CPU.