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    Thanks for all your hard work on these great builds.I am running MXQ 7.95beta6 build on a MXV box. Everything is working well except I can't play any HD video. When I try to play an HD video the screen goes black and I can hear audio but no video. Also the play and pause menu buttons are not visible.
    I have tried your other beta builds with the same results.


    Kszaq .... First off thanks for all your amazing work man!

    I currently have 3 MXV Boxes running LibreElec 7.0 HD180Q SD Image. All in all they work very well other than the following minor issues.

    1. Each box will usually lockup a 3 or 4 times a week on me. I have to unplugg it and then press the power button to power it back on. I'm not sure if this is only happening with MXV or if it also happening with the MXQ with red stripe as well. Im guessing it probably just the MXV since its not really supported by you. I haven't grabbed a error log file from it afterwards but I will the next time it happens. Can I post it or send the log to you when it does?

    2. The remote arrow keys have a tendency to stop responding whenever you double click the up or down arrow key very quickly. I'm not sure if this is just becuase of the double click or a physical flaw the remote design itself and it acuatlly hits the mouse pointer button because of the board is bowing inside the remote case. However it may be a combination of both or could it be the remote config file causing the problem. The workaround for whenever the remote arrow keys stop responding is to just press the mouse pointer button once and the arrow keys will start working again. Does anyone else have this same issue with the MXV remote?

    3. The home button doesn't work. I tried using the Keymap editor addon to fix this issue but it will not fix the problem. So I am wondering if I can manually edit the remot.config file to fix this issue? If so do you have a link on configuring and editing the remote config files? Or does someone already have a remote config file for the MXV that has the Home button working?

    4. I can not reboot the MXV from the homescreen but I can shutdown the MXV from the homescreen. Before I upgraded to Librelec I believe you had gotten it to not only shutdown but to also reboot. You of course fixed the usb male to male cable in port 1 and 4 issue..... Which was Awesome BTW!

    Any advice would be appreciated