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    I need a custom image because I need to configure the stream option, etc. to make everything work as it should. Will the LE picture with changed configuration be a problem with the clean image? How do you arrange a rebranding or can you ask for contact with a person with whom I could talk about it and get along?

    check the messages that i sent to you just now....thanks

    if just for libreelec , one S905X 2G 16G is ok , with pure linux kodi, boot from the internal storage...

    since they changed the wifi chipset
    you need to use the correct software

    What version of SoC does the box have? S905X is not supported yet and that may be the cause. For working remote you need a proper remote.conf.

    hi, it is s905, not s905x.... and the spec is 1g ram, 8g we have to put the correct remote.conf in the package, right?
    many thanks
    (the first photo is ok and is it normal? sorry for the questions.)