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    Hi Guys.. Was mentioned there was a sky go addon someone had working? Is this a UK version as assume the german one is only for those with German sky? If so where do I find it.


    Hi @kostaman..i have resolved this one.. Turns out my isp had blocked the website. So when vpn manager was trying to update the files it was failing I guess. Now they have changed my security it's all back up and working

    Hi Guys,

    I have had PIA running on my RPI3 (the latest one) for ages.. and last night it suddenly wont connect anymore, I am using Vpn Manage 5.0.6 and last night it downloaded the latest files from PIA (so im assuming these have caused the issue?). I get pretty much the same screen as the above osxanalyst post.. but resintalling everything etc doesnt work.

    Is there any known issues with PIA and Vpn Manager? Sorry a bit vague, will provide the full log when home.


    Hi Guys,

    Just after some help setting up my creative sound blaster omni, on my RPI3.

    Plugged in its recognised and plays, but getting it to output to all 5 speakers doesnt seem so easy.

    I have set the channels to 5.1 and allowed passthrough with no real luck.

    Any ideas on setup welcome?



    Hi Guys,

    New to the forum world so be gentle.

    I have two memory cards running, one openelec kodi 16.1 latest version and the other libreelec krypton, 7.10 latest beta build.

    On the krypton build some video files play with really fast audio and the image is pixelated.. I have had this fixed before but cant seem to find what I did.

    It does it as soon as you install the image, and try and run a file, so all the settings would be as standard.

    Anyone help?