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    report on non temp disable
    mxqpro4k s905 1gram
    work better than disabled temp sensor (strange, maybe my flashdisc is too old) , boot via usb ..booting longer than other version but it boot and very few freeze (non respond remote..delayed respond maybe). Most of the time it had to boot on cool boot, reboot via ssh and powercycle using remote boot to android.
    Trying to insstalltointernal via ssh but it wont install...on usb version seems to be intact (droid 6.1)
    Anyone advice any procedure I should do to flash my nand ?

    I notice remote is (original remote and original remote.conf from android) has vew glitches
    vol up vol down error on 012, temp disabled and regular version
    simple fix is change 0x18 115 for vol+ 0x10 114for vol-

    And funny thing lg tv remote can power on (only) thr mxq box using ok button, cheers

    Thanks Kszag

    Report : Im on mxqpro4k 1g ram, originally android 6.0.1 build mxpq10005 kernel 3.14.29it01ubuntu (dont know more detailed info)

    Test with 012 with temp disabled on usb flash.
    I experienced random freeze on it, sometime it wont boot ( just reboot to droid itself), Will report more with non temp disabled...

    Ps: my box and usb is fine...
    trial other version on the same usb and box
    009 ok...just cant installtointernal.../dev/system not lazy to read and running on usb now, no random freeze
    008 no analog audio output but no freeze