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    Hi balbes150,

    I'm using since the begining on Nand your version LibreELEC-S812.LAN1000.arm-17.0-beta6_20161206 on my Tronfy Telos MXIV (=S812 MIII Plus 2Gb/16Gb).

    I've tried all the over S812-LAN1000 and also MXIII Plus version.

    On all these verion I've got the same issue regarding performance behavior (High Cpu usage, video stuttering) which I do not have on LibreELEC-S812.LAN1000.arm-17.0-beta6_20161206.

    I've tried all on sd or nand, but no difference.

    In attachment, the Top and dmesg result for version LibreELEC-S812.LAN1000.arm-17.0-beta6_20161206 and LibreELEC-S812.MXIII_Plus.arm-17.3-20170608 for comparison.

    The top were made as I was just on the kodi interface without any action.

    I would like to use the last kodi version.

    Could you please have a look and let me know if you want more information ?

    Thanks for your help.

    You need to copy the dtb from a directory in the root of FAT partition file "meson8m2_n200_2G.dtb" and rename it to "dtb.img". If You have not yet activated multiboot, it will need to be activated.

    Boot OK.
    Quick Summary:
    - HDMI Res: 720P only
    - Videos on desktop works but no sound.
    - No Network. Probably drivers for Eth100Mb. My Eth is 1000Mb

    Feel free to let me know if you want more information or do some more tests.


    A question to the owners S812 and S802 in which the activated multiboot. Can anyone help me in initial testing Linux\Ubuntu platform s802\s812 ? The task is simple - download the image, burn to USB stick or card you need to copy the dtb and try to start the system. I am interested in overall health (presence of images on the monitor have different models).
    Test images can be downloaded here.

    Hi balbes150,

    I'm currently using on Nand your libreelec 8.0 version on my Tronfy Telos MXIV (=S812 MIII Plus 2Gb/16Gb).
    All works like a charm. :cool: ... Great job dude.
    I am interested to help you and for my part to discover ^^ , your ubuntu arm release.
    But i'm a newbie regarding the dtb file?
    I burn your img on my usb stick with rufus.
    I saw the directory dtd with lot of dtb, but what do I have to do excatly ?
    FYI, i've tried to boot on usb without any change, doesn't work at , except the libreelec (on nand) restart in 720P resolution.

    Thanks for your help, your time and your patience.