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    Hi, I still have problems with audio pass through. On live TV (PAL 50Hz) it is always on PCM. Video-files working as expected. "Sync playback to display" is switched off. This problem only occure with 7.95, with everything is fine. My Box is a NEXBOX A95X (S905x) 2GB/16GB. Does anybody have similar problems?

    Thank you in advance.

    Do you hear crackling now and then? i hear it on my rears, fairly low, but audible. Like i got when PCM was used for movie playback except that was very loud, haven't had that since passthrough started working.

    You need to switch off 'sync playback to display' when using passthrough.

    That worked, now have the same problem as with 7.0.3 with audio, DTS-HD MA audio is dead, nothing passes through when a movie is started until I go and disable and re-enable passthrough while the movie is playing, then it plays audio.

    Also with the 4k playback, the video playback appears to play slowly, audio is correct, but the video is at around 1/4 speed unlike in 7.0.3, how it was when I moved to kodi 17 on android (before trying these builds) where hardware acceleration was no longer supported. Hardware acceleration is supported in these builds aren't they as its linux, which development for amlogic is still continuing? I will check this video on 7.0.3 build to see if it is the same to be sure, other 4k videos play, but stutter unlike in 7.0.3 (as said in the original post).


    I was running a 7.0.3 build until i updated to 7.95beta5 the other day.
    The update didn't go to well for that, as the partition volume names were not what was expected by 7.95, so needed to rename then to get it to boot after the update. 7.0.3 had them, blank for the fat32 and "disk" for the ext volume, whereas 7.95 expects "disk" for the fat32 and "libreelec_disk" for the ext volume.

    Since then I have noticed a few problems. Audio passthough doesnt work too well anymore (not that it was great before), it is always on PCM mode and not bitstreaming, set to HDMI out, passthrough enabled and receiver supporting all the formats. It also sometime passes audio that appears to be corrupt (random noise), enabling and disabling either passthrough or stereo down sampling (cant remember the option) in the audio options while the video is playing stops the corrupted sound.
    4k video playback (I know experimental) is slower and buffers more (so could be a driver problem, Ethernet could be performing slower).

    If you tell the media sources to be updated and then do a filter on the library, at the point when the scan stops, if you are not in the filter options, the filter will be removed, if you are in the filter options the filter will be removed and then changing the rating slide will cause everything to hang and then after about 1 minute the box will reboot. The library has around 2000 movies in it. I was filtering based on genre and rating, moving the rating slide when the update completed.

    TVheadend (external, debian install); when using tvheadend with timeshiifting enabled, if you wish to jump back a few seconds or minutes, the jump amount is extremely random, sometimes a single jump back will go a few minutes other times it will go all the way back to the start of the timeshift.

    This is running on a nexbox a95 (s905x) 2GB RAM on a flash card (16GB).

    If these are known errors, sorry, didn't find an answer to them, if a debug log is needed for when they happen I can get one generated. Again sorry if this was the wrong thread to post in and that these were known / simple errors to fix, only recently started using kodi / libreelec and TVheadend, used mediaportal before until the PC I used for media died.

    It's not my box, he says it's a NEXBOX A95X Android 6.0 TV Box Amlogic S905X Quad Core 3D 4K HD Support 2.4G Wi-Fi 1GB/8GB.
    I told him that the reset button is behind the AV plug. He says it doesn't have one!

    Then he needs to look again it is in the hole, not next to or above, it is in the AV hole, all the way inside. Use a small screw driver or tooth pick. It is there, I have used it, I have 3 NEXBOX A95X 2GB/16GB boxes. I have used it to reset all 3 of them. Haven't used this for this yet, why I am here now, to see how well it works on it as kodi on these boxes so far in android is well, crap, and even worse with kodi 17 as it has dropped support for hardware acceleration for them. Hoping that it running under linux it will be better.