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    Hello zequiqac,

    I do not know sonarr, but according to its description, sonarr does not seem to have any legitimate use. Do therefore not expect help on this forum.

    Good luck nevertheless

    Hello awiouy,

    Thank you! Sonarr is similar to Sickgear or Couchpotato (which are within the docker repository of libreelec) That is why making the query...

    I also believe that the problem in implementation could be the lack of MONO and just saw that you made an addon of this program ( Thanks for that !! ) . The installation of this addon and will try again to see if I get it .
    Thank you very much for the great work they do and I apologize if the query violate any rule of forum.

    Good morning , is there any chance of running Sonarr with Docker in libreELEC ? . Someone has managed to do ? It's posible?. I tried various different containers found on Internet, but starts and within seconds is restarted, and after a few seconds reboot again, and reboot again, and reboor again ....
    Thank you very much!.

    PD. I have a RPI2

    Sorry , I thought we continued talking settings.json .

    Exactly, the service is in: /storage/Dockerfiles-master/arm/transmission/transmission.service.

    Assuming the disc is in /media/usb , it must be so:

    --volume = /media/usb/somewhereelse/downloads:/downloads \

    Remember that this directory is for completed downloads , must set incomplete ( for incomplete downloads ) and watch ( for the directory looking transmission torrents), Otherwise directories were used by default.

    No problem ... the file is in the directory set up in the service (in this line --volume=/storage/%p/config:/config \) . If you have not made any changes is /storage/transmission/config/settings.json.

    After you change the service you will have to reload and restart.

    Download directory , it is explained by lrusak in this thread some more up .... LibreELEC

    With regard to how indicate password, simply must modify the lines in settings.json within the config folder.

    To install Sickrage , you have two options, one through docker ( as mentioned Irusak ) and another option is an addon ( sickpotatohead ) . It is a fork of sickrage , also has the couchpotato programs and headphones . I'm not sure if I can put the link , but you can send me a PM or google search :)

    Good morning , I wanted to ask if someone suffering frostbite when the docker transmission is used? . In my case, I lose all connection with RPI2 (SSH , Yatse , CEC, SAMBA ) and not access to any WebUI (Transmission , SickRage , Couchpotato ) . Regardless of whether the transmission of downloading one or ten streams and always happens that x time (which can take two hours or thirty minutes), but always presented as a download in progress .
    If they can serve a LOG ( I guess so ) will be able to tell you what? ( KODI , system , etc ) .
    I'm using the latest Milhouse build in RPI2 and docker transmission by Irusak .
    Thank you very much.

    Sorry , I was added to ExecStop of transmission.service . Should be " docker stop -f transmission" ( -f is used with rm to remove containers that are running, also I have seen with stop, but not if it can be used ). Like you, unfortunately too new to docker to propose a solution.
    At the moment only add in line "docker rm $(docker ps -q -f status=exited)" to remove the containers in the excited state at startup. But it is not ideal...

    Exactly , the problem occurs when the system is shut down is not the usual ( for example, by switching off the power ) . Maybe if it indicated in transmission.service the value "--restart=on-failure:5" ?? (this).
    With respect to stop container , maybe you can add "-f " to force the closure?. (ExecStop=/storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.docker/bin/docker stop -f %p).
    I can not find at home, I will try to return.

    Transmission starts operating using the "restart", but after a few seconds he falls back . I could only use "Stop" or "rm" , but do not know which is better. Until someone you can think of a better idea.

    @Irusak Hi , I'm using Transmission with docker and has happened to me that if the current is cut into my Rpi2 or if frozen ( and I must disconnect from current). To start it again , I can not connect to the WebUI Transmission . When you run "Docker ps -a" the Transmission is started but its status is " Exited " . The only solution I found to start again Tranmission run "Docker rm Transmission" . Thus remove the container was in a state " exited " and automatically begins again tranmission . This is normal? you can do something to avoid this problem ?. thank you very much. Greetings.

    Irusak you're a genius !!! worked perfectly !! thank you very much!. Docker is impressive, I'll have to investigate further , because I also want to make it work couchpotato and sickrage . But that is another story .. again thank you very much for the help !!!

    I was trying for several hours to adapt the plain, unformatted tranmission.service RPI2 unsuccessfully , because unfortunately I do not have the experience to take over. I would appreciate enormously that could raise the tranmission.service for RPI2 file. thank you very much and sorry !.

    Thank you very much for the quick response Irusak !. I saw examples in /storage/.kodi/addons/service.system.docker/examples , but I have a RPI2 . It will be possible to configure it somehow in a RPI2 ?.
    thanks for your help and great job.

    good night, I managed to install transmission using docker ( something extraordinary by the way) , but to indicate directories download ( no matter what stated) files are downloaded into the appropriate folders that are created in docker ( /storage/.kodi /addons/service.system.docker ) . Is there any way to get downloads are made in / storage / donwloads ?. thank you very much.